November 2, 2021

There is nothing more comforting than a good fall coat. However, for those living in a climate that rarely requires wearing one, investing or buying a coat might not be relevant— but who knows? Maybe you‘ll travel somewhere colder, so you will definitely need one. 

A coat, more than anything else needs deliberating, planning and aquality fabric. There must be a correct balance A coat, more than anything else, needs deliberating, planning and quality fabric. There must be a correct balance between comfort and form. Eventually, and most importantly of course, we need something that will keep us warm for chilly fall days.

The CEO of NEHERA Mr. Ladislav Zdut says for Vogue– “Luxury should be confined by functionality and comfort. Because excess is not normal any more. And extravagance with no purpose is not normal.

When you invest in a good coat, try to avoid the super trends and commercial brands. We should appear grown-up in our choices, as this purchase should be built to last. The luxury brands that we all know, raise prices every season and if you look closer to their pieces, the quality is getting worse. Why? Because most of these so-called designer luxury brands are mass producing their clothes worldwide. Ultimately, they managed to brainwash the customers, and so many are just focused on logos rather than the quality. 

It’s not often I advise you to invest in the sensible slow- burner, but unless you have a bottomless pit of a pocket, you will need something more timeless than the average grab-and-run job.

If I want to invest in luxury clothing, NEHERA is the perfect choice. They use top quality fabrics and precise cutting techniques; together with local partners, every fabric is carefully checked to meet the strictest sustainability benchmarks. The brand is known for spontaneity, vitality and sustainability— while the designs are minimalistic and sophisticated.

Choosing the perfect coat, you need to consider the perfect color; the more saturnine colors such as charcoal grey, navy blue, black or camel work best due to their versatility, but also pastel colors work very well to combine with different shades.

When you choose the perfect coat, start by evaluating your shape. Remember that you will need to allow for some extra space than you normally would with a lighter jacket as you will be wearing heavier garments than normal would underneath. A good test is to make sure you can fit a hand comfortably under the chest area without any pull on the fabric.

Remember the shoulder of your coat should extend past your natural shoulder by a centimetre or two and sleeves should be worn a little longer as they tend to ride up when worn over heavier garments. You can’t go wrong with a double-breasted coat in a good quality wool-cashmere by NEHERA.

Photography (c) Ksenia Kogler

*This post was brought to you in a friendly collaboration with NEHERA Vienna

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