December 19, 2021

New year is just around the corner– 2022 will be a year where there will be some major planetary shifts. The slow moving planets (Saturn who moves from one to another sign each 2.5 year and Jupiter who moves to another sign each year) will enter new zodiac signs.

Saturn, the planet associated with karma, hard work, determination and time, will move to its own sign Aquarius in April 2022 where it will stay till July 2022. From there on, Saturn will go in retrograde motion to Capricorn till January 2023. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, prosperity and growth, will move to its own sign Pisces in April 2022 and will stay there for a year.

Another significant planetary movement is the North, Node Rahu and South Node Ketu changing signs in March 2022. Rahu and Ketu change signs every 1.5 year and are 180 degrees apart and move backwards. Now Rahu and Ketu are in Taurus and Scorpio and from March 2022 Rahu will enter Aries and Ketu Libra. 

The 12 houses and their meaning:

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SATURN – April 29- July 12 in Aquarius / July 12 – January 17, 2023 Rx in Capricorn

Saturn will transit to Aquarius on 28th April 2022, go back to Capricorn on 13th July 2022 and enter Aquarius again on 17th January 2023. For the past two years Saturn was in its own sign Capricorn– a sign of hard and sheer work where we were able to execute our knowledge from the previous Saturn in Sagittarius. During the past two years, when Saturn transits Capricorn and Jupiter was debilitated in Capricorn, we faced many restrictions in our life. At the same time, many people had to work separately– there was less group work and people were more focused on self-progress and self-growth.

With Saturn entering Aquarius, a sign often associated with visionaries and technology, it is time to contribute to society, humanity. Therefore, we will be more focused on changing the world for the better. This time can definitely change the way we work as the motto is work smarter not harder. Some new technologies will be introduced from which the world can benefit. Before this is possible we need to revisit the themes of Saturn in Capricorn between July 2022 and January 2023. This does mean it will not be an easy ride as Saturn in Aquarius can challenge our beliefs before it expands it.

We might face some restrictions on and off from Saturn regarding COVID19 until February 2023. Because Saturn moves in retrograde motion to Capricorn. Fortunately, they won’t be as severe as we saw in 2020. What the exact outcome of this transit of Saturn and it’s movement back to Capricorn will be depends on each individual chart and the house lordship Saturn has in your chart. For the people born between 1993 and 1995, they will have their first Saturn return. This means, Saturn will complete one cycle through all zodiac signs and will come back to its natal placement in your chart. Depending on one’s individual chart, the results may vary. However, a general theme with Saturn return is that one will learn some important lessons regarding the house Saturn is placed in.

JUPITER in PISCES from April 13, 2022  

Jupiter is currently transiting in Aquarius. Normally Jupiter transits through a sign for a year before it moves to the next zodiac sign. Jupiter entered Aquarius on 21st November and will cover the sign of Aquarius in 5 months and will enter Pisces in April 2022. Since 2019 Jupiter is crossing signs in a fast speed which will last till March 2022. Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, life and growth.

In Capricorn, where Jupiter was in 2020 and most of 2021, it was restricted and we saw that as we were faced with several lockdowns. The situation is much better now but not entirely done as Saturn is still in Capricorn imposing restrictions. Pisces is a mystical sign as it is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is related to spiritual growth and wisdom. Pisces can soak up the energies of others and with Jupiter in this sign we will be more focused on an inward journey. On a global level, Jupiter in Pisces may mean that we will see a stock market crash in March-April 2022. If that really happens, has to be seen but it’s certainly a possibility. What the exact outcome is of Jupiter’s transit in Pisces on an individual level depends on your natal chart.

MARS Rx – October 30th to January 12, 2023

Mars will turn Retrograde from October 30th 2022– January 12th, 2023. What is so special about this, is that like Venus, Mars turns retrograde every two years. In 2022 Mars will turn retrograde in the sign of Taurus and Gemini. Retrograde motions means that the energy a planet carries is internalized. A retrograde motion of a planet is like a time machine where you have the opportunity to review your past decisions and mistakes. The effects are generally stronger if you have the natal planet in Rx motion.

This transit will affect people who already have Mars Rx in their chart to a larger extent than those who don’t. Mars is the planet of action, willpower, conflict, aggression. As Mars will transit Rx in Taurus, which is the sign of Venus, it means Mars will not be very comfortable there. But from there it will give results of the previous house which is its own sign Aries.

This means that there can be major fights, aggression and outbursts. When Mars moves to Gemini, it’s in its enemy sign of Mercury where aggression and internal anger can convert into a verbal combat. On the positive side Mars Rx can give sudden outburst of peak energy as well. However, it is definitely a time to keep a check on our emotions and not indulge in arguments and fights.

RAHU – KETU in ARIES and LIBRA from March 17, 2022

In March 2022, Rahu will transit to Aries and Ketu to Libra. Rahu and Ketu are karmic points in your chart and they travel a sign for 1,5 year. Wherever they are in your chart is a focus area in your life. With Rahu and Ketu transiting to Aries and Libra we can see a general increase in a focus on ourselves rather than trying to balance all the relationships we have. The results of Rahu and Ketu (and also other planets) depend on whichever nakshatra they are traveling.

Results for each ascendant (also check your moon sign)


For Aries ascendant 2022 will be a mixed year. As the North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu will be transiting in the 1-7 axis of your birth chart. With Rahu in the 1st house (the house of our physical existence) and Ketu in the 7th house (the house of partnerships) this means that the focus will be more on exploring your own likes and dislikes instead of relationships. Aries ascendant however need to keep a check on their diet till August 2022. Eat healthy food and don’t jump on the bandwagon of fast-food as your body needs to be properly fuelled. Because of Rahu in the 1st house, 2022 can be an excellent time to focus more on Martian activities– fitness, weight training and bodybuilding. From mid-2022, Saturn will move back to Capricorn, the 10th house for Aries ascendant which can make a promotion or good career growth possible. It is important to work smart with diligence and not give up on the ambitions you have. Growth is never a steady line, and even though career growth looks much promising for Aries ascendant, there can be setbacks at times too.

Jupiter the lord of the 9th and 12th house will be in the 12th house for most of 2022. It can be a double edged coin as you can have the urge to travel and see the world and do activities where you can explore your inner being. It is an exceptionally good time to undertake faraway travels and finally go for the destinations you were aiming for.


For Taurus ascendant (and especially moon) 2022 will come as a relief because Rahu and Ketu will change signs. Taurus moon people had to deal with Rahu over their natal moon for the past 1,5 year. This meant that you could have gained some goals but it came at the expense of your mental health. If you are dealing with mental stress or anxiety, small changes will be visible from March 2022 and moreover from July 2022 when Rahu will change its nakshatra (star) sign. With Rahu and Ketu going to the 12-6 axis it’s a time to keep a check on your sleep patterns and daily work routine.

You can live more in your head than your body – so it’s important to be aware of your feelings and surroundings. Don’t overwork yourself and create a routine because this is the time you can shine career wise. Jupiter will travel to the 11th house for most of 2022. Jupiter is the 8th and 11th lord of Taurus ascendant which means that you can have some unexpected gains. Moreover, this period while Jupiter will be in Pisces can be a good time to earn well. You will have more courage to undertake new hobbies but for Taurus folks mid-2022 and on can be the year they will settle down with the one they love. As it seems to be a good year for Taurus, they need to be aware not to fight during the Mars Rx period because Mars will travel it’s 7th house.


Till April 2022 Jupiter is traveling the 9th house of higher learning, travels, faith and expansion. You may feel that this is the time to step out of your comfort zone and create new opportunities. Jupiter owns the 7th and 10th house so until April 2022 you may be exploring opportunities to broaden your scope. Once Jupiter enters the 10th house of career, you will be able to execute your efforts and reap the fruits of your work. However, due Saturn being in the 8th house from July 2022, you can face some serious competition in the work sphere.

That’s why it’s important to hone your skills and be not one, but two steps ahead of any competition. For the single Gemini’s the 7th lord in the 10th house may also indicate that you can meet a new love interest at work. If it really happens and blossoms into a serious relationship depends on the overall chart. If you are already in a relationship this seems to be a good time, but every relationship can go through some rough patches, so its important to keep an honest and open communication with your partner.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so they are playful and witty in nature, but their mood can change as quick as a light flash as well – so therefore its important to reflect on yourself. In terms of finances, Rahu and Ketu will be in the 11-5 axis from March 2022 so finances will prosper but you can have a little difficult time in finance stability between April 2022 and July 2022.


Cancer ascendants, 2022 can be a year of ups and downs. The reason? Rahu and Ketu will change signs and be in the 10-4 axis. The 4th house is the house of our happiness, our mind and the 10th house is the house of career and karma. When Rahu and Ketu change signs you can slowly feel some turmoil in your mind.  This can be even more prominent when Saturn will transit back to Capricorn in July 2022. Therefore, it is important to do activities which calm your mind. Meditation, yoga and Pilates but even a walk in nature are great ways to calm the mind. With Rahu on the 10th you may think that a solution is to escape to work in order to ‘forget’ your emotions.

Cancer is ruled by the moon – a soft planet which is affected easily and Saturn will be in Capricorn for most of the time occupying the 7th house of relationships and business partners. It will form the 9th house, 1st house and 4th house (where Ketu will be). If any stress can be there, it can be related to a business deal or (romantic) partnership. Does this mean that cancer ascendants are doomed? Definitely not, as the outcome depends on the entire chart and this is just a general preview of what might come. Once we know which energies are present in the sky, we have the chance to act upon them and mitigate certain factors. With Jupiter in the 9th house from April 2022, it means that you will find a way to navigate and use your wisdom to keep your mental health in check.


Leo, naturally you are a person who likes to keep charge of things and with being in charge comes some stubbornness as well. The main focus for Leo’s till July 2022 will be their relationship and children. The opposite of Leo is Aquarius (7th house) and Leo’s tend to attract a more serious down-to-earth partner who gives them the stability they need. With Saturn in the 7th house till July 2022, they will be in dire need of the support and love of their partner. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 9-3 axis which means that travels and communication are a center of attention for the coming 1,5 year from March 2022. What does Jupiter bring? Jupiter will transit the 8th house from April 2022 and being the ruler of the 5th and 8th house it can mean that a love affair (not a marriage) can go through a transformation. Are you dating for a while? This can be a time you may seal the relationship and put a married stamp on it. Leo’s are you looking to give a shot at the stock market? This can be a go as the 5th house rules the stock market and the 8th is a house of investment as well. Career wise, things can go up and down but overall 2022 seems to be a year where you will plan more instead of executing. It’s a time to look for opportunities before you can execute them.


Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury. Virgo ascendants, unlike Gemini’s, have a more serious nature but deep down the core they are still a jolly person. So, what is in store for Virgo’s? Saturn has been traveling the 5th house of love, creativity and children for the past two years. It will move to the 6th house Aquarius from April 2022 and go back to Capricorn in July 2022. During this period you may revisit a relationship and make a decision if this is what you really want. At the same time, Jupiter the 4th and 7th lord will move to Pisces (7th house) which means that the relationship you are revisiting can lead to a marriage or serious settlement. For some Virgo’s this means that when Saturn is in Aquarius (from April 2022- July 2022) they may decide to end a love affair that is not benefiting them. However, ending one relationship might lead to meeting someone else. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 8-2 axis which means that the focus for the 1,5 year will be on transforming yourself. Virgo, keep a check on your savings as it might fluctuate from time to time. Career wise, Virgo’s have to work round the clock and their efforts might disappoint them from time to time. The magic is to not give up and believe that hard work will pay off. Patience is the key in love, finance and career.


Libra ascendant Ketu will transit in your 1st house and Rahu in your 7th house. Ketu at times can make you feel detached From March 2022 regarding yourself. Ketu symbolically is the tail without the head who is searching for direction. Therefore, it’s a good time to immerse yourself in soul feeding practices. Take the time to listen to your body because with Rahu in the 7th house of relationship and partners there is a chance you can meet someone new. And, that means that the main focus of attention will be the other person.

The 7th house also rules business and business partners, so if you are not in a relationship this can mean you will be more focused on your business than on yourself. If you are in a relationship (but not committed through marriage) – this is the year you may seal a stamp on it. From a work perspective things will look better. With Jupiter, the 8th and 11th lord, in the 11th house you can get some unexpected gains through the year. Those gains won’t be easy because Saturn will demand you to still work hard for it. Saturn will be in your 4th house from April 2022 till July 2022 and then turn Rx in Capricorn for the remaining year. At times you may feel stressed out and not feeling in the zone. With Saturn, it is important to remain structured and set achievable goals.


Scorpio ascendant for you Ketu is transiting your 12th house and Rahu your 6th house. From March 2022 on, you can feel that there are some hurdles at your workplace. Some serious competition between your co-workers and you might happen. Nevertheless, you will handle the situation smoothly. Saturn will be transiting most of the year in your 3rd house (being the lord of the 3rd and 4th house) this can mean that you will be more active and have more courage to undertake new plans.

Jupiter transiting your 5th house as the lord of the 5th house and 2nd house from April 2022 it can mean that you might come across someone who is a serious partner. Scorpio’s who are planning to have a baby, this might be a time your wishes will come true. Scorpio, when Mars your ascendant lord will turn Rx in October try not to pick fights with your spouse. This is the time to avoid a serious fight. There is a saying, choose your battles wisely because the ascendant lord turning Rx means that the energy Mars has can turn passive aggressive and suddenly explode. In terms of finances, you can earn and save some money with a new hobby – and you’ll be thinking of doing something new to secure more financial stability.


For Sagittarius ascendant, the ascendant lord Jupiter own the houses Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is the ascendant (1st house) and Pisces rules the 4th house. From the 4th house Jupiter will aspects the 8th house, 10th house and 12th house. What does this mean? First of all, Sagittarius folks will focus on their roots, home and take better care of themselves. With Jupiter transiting through is debilitation sign Capricorn and going into the 3rd house Aquarius (the 3rd house is naturally the house of Mars, the planet of courage and strength and Jupiter is the planet of higher wisdom and knowledge.

This means that Jupiter is not very comfortable in the 3rd house as the 3rd stands opposite to the signification of Jupiter), and has not been an easy ride from different perspectives. Things weren’t working out and with Saturn putting some restrictions Sagittarius may feel they can finally breathe once Jupiter moves to Pisces in April 2022. Not only self-care, their roots and their own home is a focus but also overcoming mental blockages so they can transform themselves. At the same time, their career will be a main point of attention. With Rahu transiting their 5th house and Ketu transiting their 11th house, they might pursue a new hobby where they can focus on themselves instead of others. Overall, for Sagittarius it’s a time to focus on themselves and their future steps.


Capricorn people have been having their ascendant lord Saturn transiting in the 1st house (Capricorn) for a long time. From April 2022-July 2022, Saturn will briefly move to the 2nd house Aquarius, which Saturn also owns, before it moves back in Rx motion to Capricorn in July 2022. For Capricorn this is a time to focus even more on their daily routines and not stress themselves out. Saturn gives harsh lessons, and if you have a Capricorn moon or Aquarius moon, this period might feel very difficult. It can be a mentally draining period where you have to find balance while you are trying to find out who you are, what your values are and what you really find important.

If you have (had) some troubles regarding finances, these past 2 years and the coming year will teach new valuable lessons regarding money and finances. Rahu and Ketu will transit the 4-10 axis in your chart which means, there is a focus on the foundation we have laid for ourselves. Maybe the values we have inherited from our home and our family will now be revalued. Jupiter, the lord of the  3rd house and 12th house is transiting to its own sign Pisces in the 3rd house.

Jupiter will not be very comfortable in the 3rd house because the 3rd house is naturally the house of courage and action which is represented by Mars. Jupiter on the contrary is the planet of higher knowledge and wisdom. So, how will this pan out? During the transit of Jupiter from April 2022, you might have many bold ideas you want to take action on, but instead you will philosophize about it. You might have some new ideas regarding a business, partnership or expanding your social circle but you will merely talk and not take action. However, when Mars will turn Rx in late October 2022, you may realize that you need to walk the talk.


If you have an Aquarius moon (not ascendant) then the coming 2,5 years will be one of difficulties. Saturn is a harsh planet and it can affect your emotions to the point where you feel isolated and depressed. A good time to take care of yourself and slow down if your moon sign is Aquarius. If you have Aquarius ascendant (1st house) then, Saturn will be transiting in your 1st house. Saturn going into its own house is usually pleasant because it feels at home. However, for Aquarius ascendant Saturn is also the 12th house which means that Saturn will let an Aquarius lose something in order to gain something new. You might have to get rid of bad habits, some people, to become a better version of yourself.

This period where you need to revalue those things might start from July 2022 and go on till January 2023. Rahu and Ketu will transit the 3-9 axis. Aquarius ascendant people can take up a sport where Martian energy is required. They can be bold in their behavior and communication and with Ketu in the 9th house, they might try to balance Martian activities with spiritual pursuits. Jupiter transiting in the 2nd house, means that it’s also aspecting the 11th house of gains, so it’s definitely a good time to earn, save and invest. Workwise, things will be good as well but you can be a little bit stressed out from July 2022 till December 2022.


Pisces ascendant it seems to be a beautiful 2022. With Jupiter transiting in its own sign from April 2022, that too in the ascendant is a time of abundance and bliss. Jupiter also owns the 10th house for you and it will be aspecting the 5th, 7th and 9th house. For Pisces folks, a new relationship/a marriage is in the cards. Of course, this depends on your entire chart but merely by the transit of Jupiter in Pisces – a new phase in your life may take off.

It also seems to be an equally good time for your career to get a promotion. Till April 2022, there can be some difficulties in achieving your goals as Saturn, the lord of the 11th and 12th house is transiting the 11th house. You may feel that your work does not resonate with the money you get. Don’t get discouraged as Saturn is a planet with the motto ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

A salary hike is therefore definitely possible (if you are working on your own, this means better earnings) but you have to have patience. Because, once Saturn transits into Aquarius in April 2022, you might start to earn more but learn to spend it wisely. Rahu and Ketu will transit the 2-8 axis which means that a big focus of attention will be the resources you have and how you spend them.  Overall, 2022 seems to be a lovely year where things will finally fall into place.

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