May 22, 2023

They say, if you’re wondering if the universe has heard your manifestations, you can notice the confirmation appearing in your life in the form of sudden and unexpected events that happen into your life. Last year, I have manifested to attend the Cannes Film Festival, and Campari made my dreams come true.

Again this year, Campari, the unforgettable Italian red spirit, is the official partner of the 76thedition of the Festival de Cannes.

On Friday, 19th of May, I arrived in Cannes with Campari team Austria to attend the premiere of “The Zone of Interest”, directed by Jonathan Glazer. The movie is loosely based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Martin Amis, which explores a story about everyday life of a German family living next to the German Auschwitz camp during the war.

The highlight of the day was definitely walking for the first time on the red carpet of the 76th edition of the Festival de Cannes. I wore a custom made dress by the talented fashion designer, Drenusha Xharra. She put her effort into creating two wonderful gowns for this unforgettable weekend in Cannes.  

After the movie premiere, I was invited to celebrate the night at the iconic Campari Lounge, which is located in the heart of the Palais des Festivals.

On the next day, Campari hosted a lunch get-together at the Cannes Croisette. The lunch was a celebration of Campari‘s iconic red aperitivo and guests were treated to a delicious Mediterranean menu that featured traditional Côte d’Azur dishes.

After lunch, I went back to the hotel to get ready for the Campari event, which was held in the famous Martinez Hotel. For the second night, I wore another custom made dress by Drenusha Xharra. We opted for a simple, but elegant dress, which was a perfect match to Campari’s red event.

During each moment of Discover Red event, guests were invited to experience a series of unforgettable creations from from Michelin Star Chef Christian Sinicropi and Head Bartender of Camparino in Galleria, Tommaso Cecca. The dreamy scene was very inspiring and it brought Campari‘s long standing heritage in cinema to life.

Discover Red, had four dining chapters and each began with an iconic Campari cocktail that inspired an unforgettable dish, stimulating the senses, while guests were guided through the evening by a narrator to accompany the audio-visual display.

The whole magical experience at the Martinez Hotel was another unforgettable moment at Festival de Cannes. Campari transformed the hotel into a heaven for movie-lovers, showcasing its long-standing heritage in cinema through art installations and immersive experiences.

Guests were inspired by a night that brought Campari‘s cinematic legacy to life and celebrated the brand’s long-standing partnership with the world’s most prestigious film festival.

In conclusion, Campari‘s presence at the 76th Festival de Cannes was a testament to the brand’s enduring love for cinema and the magic of the movies. From the ‘Discover Red’ event to the movie premiere of The Zone of Interest, Campari left a lasting impression on this year’s festival and inspired guests with unforgettable experiences that celebrated the brand’s heritage in cinema.

Campari stimulates your instincts to unlock your passions, inspiring limitless creations. Follow Campari on Instagram for more Cannes moments.


Photos: Getty Images for Campari

*This content was brought to you in a friendly collaboration with CAMPARI GROUP  

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