January 13, 2021

Winter in Vienna is no joke, so trust me when I say I’ve tried all the hand creams out there, and most of them just don’t hold up. 

“Your hands are so soft!” this will be the compliment you’ll get, when you use the newest Intense Repair CICA Balsam by Neutrogena. Clinically proven, highly concentrated lotion formula rapidly heals dry hands. It noticeably improves the look and feel of your skin. I keep the CICA balm on my desk and in my purse at all times, even more so now with all the handwashing and hand sanitizer going around. This drugstore formula somehow manages to thoroughly coat my hands without being greasy or leaving excess residue. Also, it’s nice that it’s fragrance-free since I like to reapply throughout the day.

The Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Intense Repair CICA Balm

Proper care is essential for healthy looking skin— no matter what season. However, our skin is all year round exposed to various stimuli: in summer our skin needs protection against UV radiation and dehydration. Even the harsh winter winds, cold temperatures, UV-, UVB rays and dry heating air can be a real challenge for the skin. Therefore our skin needs rich care that not only provides moisture, but protects against different weather conditions, skin irritation as well as it repairs and nourishes the skin.

This new Intense Repair CICA Balm offers immediate repair for particularly dry, rough, irritated ones and sensitive skin. The balm has the ability to affect the skin to provide intensive care, calm and to protect.

It contains a large proportion of glycerine and panthenol and surrounds stressed skin areas, moisturizing and repairing protective cover. The highly concentrated formula of Neutrogena Norwegian formula Intense Repair CICA balm with 4.5 times more natural glycerin and calming panthenol offers a special one intensive care for the skin.

Whether body or hands – the balm soothes dry and dry irritated areas of skin all over the body. The Intense Repair CICA balm is suitable for adults and children from three years of age and thus take care of the whole family.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Intense Repair CICA Balm
  • Soothes dry, irritated skin and provides immediate repair
  • Contains glycerin and panthenol for soothed and intense care for the skin
  • Suitable for the body and hands


Neutrogena cream has cult hand-healing status for a reason: an effective, hydrating hand cream is a must for soft, smooth, pain-free skin, especially when you’re frequently washing and sanitizing your hands. This new hand cream by Neutrogena is a dream cream. I have been using Neurogena’s hand creams for two decades, and I must say– this Balm is the best hand cream I’ve ever used, also a Good Housekeeping Star. Even after washing my hands are still moisturized.

All pictures (c) Disi Couture

Disclaimer: This content was brought to you in partnership with Neutrogena®

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