December 26, 2018

A lot of women around the world don’t ask estheticians “How can I look younger?”, but “How can I look less tired?”
Fighting the skin fatigue starts with the everyday routine. Often we forget the health benefits of sleeping, meditation or have yoga flow for a quality night sleep. Between lot of stressful deadlines, appointments, and stressing about everything we have to do tomorrow,  getting the recommended ‘beauty sleep’ – isn’t always possible. 

Luckily my job offers me to meet wonderful brands, such as Filorga. Those who read, know that I never write reviews without testing the product first. So herewith, I want to introduce you my latest beauty addiction – the Filorga NCEF Night Maskwhich is newly available at Marionnaud.  This magical mask for night-time skin recovery ensures you to look refreshed when you wake-up. 

Filorga is a French company that specializes in anti-aging treatments. Founded in 1978 by Michel Tordjman, the French doctor of aesthetic medicine, with a fascination for cellular biology pioneered NCTF® (New Cellular Treatment Factor), a unique injectable solution that prevents, slows and corrects the effects of skin aging. Dr. Tordjman’s innovations were originally intended to provide dermatologists and doctors of aesthetic medicine with an extensive range of treatment solutions like: peeling treatments, hyaluronic acid injections and mesotherapy.

NCEF Night Mask is perfect for sleepless nights, as well as for tired and stressed skin. It combats sleep deprivation through melatonin stimulation and enhances the sleep effect with the same ingredients as mesotherapy injections that cover the skin for a penetrate highly effective nocturnal regeneration. Intensive skin quality renewal, contains a unique complex developed by Filgora with 50 ingredients. The Melatonin’CX®, a powerful skin reviving active ingredient, acts during the night to give rested features, while a hyaluronic acid and collagen booster plumps up the skin. A natural detoxifying ingredient simultaneously frees skin from oxidative stress and pollutants to give radiant skin upon waking. 

How does the NCEF – NIGHT MASK work?

Melatonin’CX®, is a tree extract complex, which activates the synthesis of sleep hormone melatonin.


Visibly radiant and younger skin. It can be used every other day or every evening, especially in winter and depending on the needs to renew skin with a helpful dose of hydration and luminosity while you sleep. 


Double-cleanse by first massaging in a cleansing oil and after with milky soap, then apply a thin layer of NCEF Night Mask , including the eye contour area and the neck. The product will be absorbed very quickly. For the best benefits, leave the mask overnight. 


Japanese women mask every day. It keeps the skin glowing and healthy, but always follow your skin type and target what’s bothering you. If you have oily skin, clay masks are great to absorb the oil, but dry skin always needs moisturizing and nourishing NCEF Night Mask.


Use a roller and work on over the mask from the center to the face upwards and outwards; roll from the middle to the chin up along the jawline, then from the mouth corners outward under the cheek bone and so on. These are my favorite: jade roller or rose quartz roller.  

NCEF Night Mask is now exclusively available only at Marionnaud on

Photography (c) Elena Volotova

*This content was brought to you in sponsored collaboration with Marionnaud 

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