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As much as I love to talk about fashion and cosmetic industry, there is nothing more I care about than our planet we live in. We need to protect the ocean that gives us the oxygen to breathe, that regulates the climate and brings us clean water to drink. There is ONLY one ocean that covers our planet we live in.

A 2014 study estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic trash enter the sea from land every year. 90% of the plastic is not recycled and this creates a major problem. Why? Because plastics are synthetic chemicals that should not exist in our planet. Most plastics are not biodegradable (meaning the bacteria cannot break them down into harmless components the way it happens to the paper or wood). The worse happens when plastic ages; the sun’s light and heat break the plastic into smaller and smaller pieces. This tiny plastic confetti, along with larger pieces of floating plastic, creates a dangerous problem to our health and our planet .

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