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May 23, 2018

Yes, you heard it right – Contouring Tights! I am not talking about the makeup effect you can wear on your face, but about the finest as well as the most innovative contouring tights that have ever been created. These are the world’s first contouring, compression tights, designed by make-up artists. The Contouring Tights use shadows and highlights the same way as face make-up, that creates a smooth, visually slimmer and perfectly defined shape so your legs look like they were photoshopped! Continue Reading…



December 1, 2015
Looking your best when traveling is possible and some tips here will help you look good and stylish at the end of your journey

Whether you travel with airplane or sit through a long ride – it’s easy to end up looking like you had a bad hungover, tired and messy from jet lag. Choose clothing that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Things you need: moisturizing products, water and water bottle (check airline rules on water if flying; you can usually fill up an empty water bottle with tap water after you’ve cleared security). Healthy food and snacks, sleep helpers such as a blow-up pillow, earplugs and eye mask, medication, seasickness or air sickness pills, etc. Makeup (if relevant), lip balm, comfortable clothing and shoes, sanitary wear if relevant. Here I choose some different outfits for different kind of trips!


The-18-Hour-Trip-Long-Distance-Flight-Disi-Couture Continue Reading…

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