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City of Love turned to a seductive and sensual weekend of alluring lingerie Opera Pop on Ice


Special events happen rarely, and this was the most exhilarating, sensual, romantic and daring Opera I have ever seen before. For the first time on 20 and 21 of September 2014, Olympic ice figure skating champions together with international show business professionals and with the Italian lingerie company leader in Europe Intimissimi – celebrated ice skating and Opera show edition in the unique setting of Verona’s Arena.

For me it was the very first time to see the ice skating show live, a dreamlike beauty enveloped the impassioned harmony of skaters flying over the, literally hooked me up. Not just ice skating, but for the first time I had the chance to see live Pharell Williams, Kiesza and Intimissimi babes Ana Beatriz Barros, Irina Shayk, Bianca Balti, Katsia Zingarevich and Bianca Suarez.

It was Pharrell Williams who opened a surprise Saturday evening, a few hours before giving in turn the concert in Milan. Unforgettable evening with Opera, pop music, skating and fashion, combined with classical music and fascination of ice dance, kaleidoscopic settings and lighting effects.

The show was divided into two acts for an evening of pure entertainment: the Arena was transformed into a lake to the sound of waterfalls, than it became ice and icebergs, lit up by the flames of meteorites with fiery dances, embroidery with multicolor flares and diamond-like reflections in the Arena.

Among the other guests of the pop music scene, the American singer Anastacia, also the Italian singer Giorgia performed this weekend at Arena di Verona.

Below are the photos of the show and the red carpet of Intimissimi On Ice – Pop Opera at the Arena di Verona.

First the Arena was transformed into a lake to the sound of waterfalls, than it became ice and icebergs.

After ice and icebergs, the Arena transformed into flames of meteorites with fiery dances.


Starting from the success of one of the finest Ice Galas, “Opera on ice” devised by Giulia Mancini and held in the Arena di Verona in the past three editions, the new original musical format transformed the show into an excellent international level.

Inaugurating the first Arena di Verona, was (surprise) Pharrell Williams. Photo (c)  Intimissimi + Opera Pop on Ice

A sparkling display of beauty in movement, with costumes by Ali Mahdavi, the famous artist and photographer, aesthete of art, who has taken inspiration from the 2014 autumn winter collection of the “Intimissimi” brand, dreaming up extremely sensual creations.

Here are the costume sketches, which were worn by the ice skaters and the violinist:

Diamond Skaters
Dream Woman
Viollinist Ice
Party Cantante with Body Transparent Cut
Lava Soprano


On 20 September, I mastered my press photo skills! While all Intimissimi muses were walking on the red carpet and the journalist screaming to get interviews from the models, I had the chance to take photos of – Irina Shayk, Bianca Balti, Blanca Suarez, Katsia Zingarevich and Ana Beatriz Barros.

OPERA-POP-ON-ICE-INTIMISSIMI-ARENA-DI-VERONA-20-SEPTEMBER-2014-Lena-Gercke-Ana-Beatriz-Barros-Irina-Shayk-Bianca Balti-Katsia-Zingarevich-Bianca-Suarez
The current INTIMISSIMI testimonial Ana Beatriz Barros, Katsia Zingarevich, Bianca Balti, Irina Shayk and Blanca Suarez.

OPERA-POP-ON-ICE-INTIMISSIMI-ARENA-DI-VERONA-20-SEPTEMBER-2014-Lena-Gercke-Ana-Beatriz-Barros-Irina-Shayk-Bianca Balti-Katsia-Zingarevich-Disi-Couture
Ana Beatriz Barros, Katsia Zingarevich, Bianca Balti, Lena Gercke and Me. 🙂
Ana Beatriz Barros

OPERA-POP-ON-ICE-INTIMISSIMI-ARENA-DI-VERONA-20-SEPTEMBER-2014-Lena-Gercke-Ana-Beatriz-Barros-Irina-Shayk-Bianca Balti-Katsia-Zingarevich
Lena Gercke, Ana Beatriz Barros & Irina Shayk, Katsia Zingarevich, Bianca Balti.
And also Turkish well-known models, socialite and TV presenters at attended the OPER POP ON ICE & Gulse Amine, Tülin Sahin, Burcu Esmersoy, and Buse Terim.


(c) Disi Couture


A weekend full of unforgettable moments with Intimissimi, new experiences and a dreamlike ice skating show in Arena di Verona.


For those who follow me on Instagram, already know where I was last weekend! It was my first time, that I have visited “the city of love” – Verona. I feel honored and privileged to be invited to Opera Pop on Ice & Intimissimi Event on September 20. I have spent only a night there to attend the most romantic and magical event I have ever been before.
The event took place at Arena di Verona and it was Pharrell Williams who opened the show on Saturday an unforgettable evening followed with Opera, skating, pop combined with classical music and mind blowing settings and lighting effects.
Among Pharell Williams, I was more than exciting to meet the most beautiful women in the world and one of my favorite models – Ana Beatriz Barros, Bianca Balti and Irina Shayk. Here I want to share some photos of my weekend in Verona. Enjoy!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-0193939310:30 am – Arrived to the Hotel Giberti and found a beautiful surprise from INTIMISSIMI.Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-013234

1:00 pm – Together with Intimissimi PR and Austrian fashion magazine editors, we had an incredible delicious traditional Italian food at Signorvino Restaurant.  The restaurant offers more than 1,500 varieties of wine from all regions of Italy, selected by Signorvino team.


1:30 pm – The most tasty mozzarella di bufala dish I have ever had before.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-051:00 pm – Details of my outfit for lunch date at Signorvino Restaurant: dress by Zara, jewelry by Ben Amun from Michelle-en-Vogue.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-01432423:00 pm – A bit of sightseeing and walking through old charming streets of Verona. Here I was at Via Mazzini, the best shopping street in Verona.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-01254253:30 pm – Tourists leaving love notes on the wall, in the entrance of Casa di Giulietta.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-018ez8ez3:30 pm – World Heritage-listed city’s most popular attraction – Casa di Giulietta. This house known as Juliet’s house was owned by the family dell Capello. The house dates from the 13th century and the family coat of arms can still be seen on the wall. Inside the house is a small museum and in the courtyard is a bronze sculpture of Juliet – people rub her right breast for luck. But the ultimate in romantic gesturing is the many love notes stuck on the walls and doors in the entrance to the courtyard.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-05rrr4353454:00 pm –  When in Italy gelato is a must!

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-0134:30 pm – Exploring new charming streets, is my favorite thing to do when I am visiting new places.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-014 5:00 pm – Getting ready for the big event.


5:30 pm – My outfit of the night, wearing Zara cobalt blue lace dress and Ben Amun jewelry from Michelle-en-Vogue.


6:00 pm – Arrived at Palazzo della Gran Guardia for the aperitif and dinner, where all the journalists met together.

OPERA-POP-ON-ICE-INTIMISSIMI-ARENA-DI-VERONA-20-SEPTEMBER-2014-Lena-Gercke-Ana-Beatriz-Barros-Irina-Shayk-Bianca Balti-Katsia-Zingarevich-Disi-Couture

7:30 pm – Whooohooo! Right in front of the red carpet with Katsia Zingarevich, Ana Beatriz Barros, Irina Shayk, Bianca Balti and Lena Gercke. See all photos from the red carpet here.

OPERA-POP-ON-ICE-INTIMISSIMI-ARENA-DI-VERONA-20-SEPTEMBER-2014-Disi-Couture-SelfieJPG9:00 pm – The Intimissimi Opera Pop on Ice is about the started and waiting fot Pharrell to sing the “HAPPY” song. See all photos from the magical event here.

12:15 am – End of the show!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

As I had to leave Verona in the afternoon, had plenty of time to visit some places before heading back to Vienna.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-01wee3339:30 am – Impressive fresco painting at Louis Vuitton building, Via Mazzini.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-019810:00 am – A Latte Macchiato break at Cafe Excelsior Verona.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-01510:00 am – Beautiful Cafe & Restaurant Excelsior.

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-01887310:30 am – Love old mirrors!

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-013252510:45 am – I couldn’t get enough of Verona!

Verona-Opera-Pop-on-Ice-2014-disi-couture-016t675t6511:00 am – My last gelato at Piazza Bra. Ciao Verona, ci vediamo!


(c) Disi Couture

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