January 19, 2023

When the holidays were over— all the festive and end of the year duties had been fulfilled, I was more than ready to take some days off to recharge and reset my whole system. The new year is always a great time to rest and reflect on the highs and lows of the year before, and prepare a plan to master the next 12 months head on without compromising on your health and wellbeing.

In the second week of January, I have decided to visit the world’s famous wellness clinic, SHA. Located on the Mediterranean Sea between Benidorm— the Spanish Manhattan in the Costa Blanca and the gorgeous bay of Altea. This wellness clinic is in one of the best climates in the world, according to the World Health Organisation.

At first sight, SHA Wellness Clinic gives you that fancy Miami beach hotel vibe, without any feeling of arriving at a wellness clinic.


Opened in 2008, SHA Wellness Clinic is an award-winning haute wellness destination, for anyone who wants to cleanse, relax, rejuvenate and reset their body in the hands of the qualified wellness specialists in breathtaking surroundings in a wonderful climate.

“SHA is the result of a transformative personal experience. After years of medical issues, and faced with a troubling diagnosis, the founder and the owner of SHA Wellness Clinic, Alfredo Bataller Parietti managed to recover his health thanks to integrative medicine, particularly healthy and healing nutrition. Amazed by the impact food and certain therapies have on health, he felt the need to share and disseminate this valuable knowledge. “

via SHA wellness clinic

SHA philosophy is based on western philosophies, macrobiotic inspired cuisine and high-end medical technology. 

During my six days at SHA, I’ve experienced the transformative power of these three elements combined, and how they could help me improving health.


Since I wasn’t sure how I will feel, and at that moment I was only concerned about improving my healthy lifestyle habits and my wellbeing— I centrally thought the REBALANCE program is going to be the best way to experience SHA for the first time.

I arrived at SHA on the evening of Monday 9th of January. It was already 7PM, and after I checked-in, I went straight to my room, unpacked, showered and got ready for my first dinner at SHA. On the first night, I enjoyed my dinner at SHAmadi restaurant. A modern, warm atmosphere with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. A space dedicated to the senses, where healthy eating can be a fine dining experience and taste perfectly delicious. SHA offers three different menus to meet the nutritional needs of every guest in a personalized way.

On the next day, my agenda was full of appointments, such as: Advanced Preventive Diagnosis, Healthy Nutrition Consultation, General Health Examination, and a Deep Tissue Massage. SHA has probably the most versatile range of all kind of treatments in one place, where you can get the full package to maintain the optimal state of your health and enjoy the full physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

I wasn’t having serious health issues before coming to SHA, but my body and mind was exhausted. I felt drained, had metabolic acidosis, digestion problems and high stress was a part of my life lately. I knew, I wasn’t nourishing my body well, I had a total unbalanced habits, and anytime I came to stress situations, I had shortness of breath and panic attacks.

After the general health examination, I learned more about my current state that I need to find a balance so that I cam cleanse my system immediately. Stress increases your heartbeat, your breathing rate, make it easier for your muscles to use glucose, contract blood vessels so blood is directed to the muscles, stimulate perspiration, inhibit insulin production. So all of this can lead to: damaged blood vessels, high blood pressure, or hypertension, higher risk of heart attack and stroke, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain.

After the results, I felt even more anxious and stressed, because I let my body to be in episodic acute stress which affects my physical health and mental well-being. I sat down, and tried to calm myself— while reminding how lucky I am to be at SHA on the right time.

I went out for a fresh air, and to enjoy the rays of sun, that immediately made me happier. “Oh, what a beautiful day, and I am so grateful to be here!”— I said.

Then I went to the restaurant to have lunch, and I started reading my agenda for the next days. The nutritionist suggested me to choose between Biolight and Kushi Diet, in order to alkaline my gut and to find the balance while I am detoxing.

I enjoyed every dish of these two menus. They were designed for those who want to eat healthy but also detox at the same time.

During mealtime DONTS are being on your phone while eating, and take time while enjoying the dishes. Also drinks of any sort are not allowed with meals. SHA believes that drinking during your meal affects your digestion.

Following days were full of treatments, and therapies such as: acupuncture, InDiba body treatment, fitness training, walking outside, hydro-energetic detox cure, ginger therapeutic compression, detox therapy.

But from the fourth day and on, I felt a lot better and more relaxed. Had no sugar, dairy, gluten or coffee cravings.


My journey began with a 2-hour and 50 min direct flight from Vienna International Airport to Alicante. The chauffeured transfer picked me up and 40 minutes later I arrived at SHA.


I stayed at a beautiful Deluxe Suite with sea view. I looked forward to returning to my room every night to relax after dinner and have tea in bed. I loved the beautiful and calming colors and spacious suite. The minimalist and contemporary décor provides calm and tranquility to the mind.

Sea or mountain views, were stunning in every angle. The comfortable bed and pillows were the highlight of my room.


  • The SHA app is a very innovative technological tool to keep guests updated about the agenda. Especially when you are going to stay longer, and have a lot of treatments, the app is a great help. 
  • I fell in love with the location of the hotel. It is definitely one of my favorite highlights about the SHA. It’s surrounded by wonderful views of mountains, sea and you can whiteness the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. 
  • I liked the calming colors of the hotel’s interior and the luxurious materials.
  • SHA has fulfilled my expectations with cleanliness. The room, bathroom and every area in the building was clean and neat.
  • Visiting SHA in January was the best decision, because I could get some sun and enjoy the early morning walks to the Lighthouse. 
  • The food was exceptionally good. 
  • I was impressed by all treatments that I had, but mostly I enjoyed the acupuncture, body detoxification with the cups and the hydro-energetic detox cure. 
  • The swimming pool, sauna and steam bath areas, are also one of the highlights of the SHA.


The service took my attention from day one. Everyone is super friendly and attentive— remembering orders, preparing extra options if you have any allergies, and cleaning the tables as soon as the plate was empty.


  • If you are planning to fast, bring warm clothes— for inside but also outside, when you go out for a walk. 
  • A pair of nice warm slippers are great to wear to the restaurant and to the tea hour.
  • Bring one pair of athletes, so that you can go to group morning walk to the Lighthouse.
  • Bring all your favorite skin, hair and body care with you, additionally— don’t forget to bring your dry brush as well. You can give your skin extra care while being at SHA.


  • The only thing that I would change is the breakfast menu. I would have preferred to have different options, but besides that, there is nothing else I would change.


SHA Wellness Clinic is by far the best place when it comes high-quality wellness technology. You can find almost every treatment to heal a wide range of health issues and for the entire well-being. It‘s a perfect place to be alone and focus on your health, but also with your partner or a friend who is looking to do the same.

Photos (c) Disi Couture 

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid advertisement. I was invited to test the “Rebalance” program, in order to write a review about my experience.


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