September 14, 2022

I’ve been living peacefully and contentedly in a small apartment for twelve years, but my family and friends always asked, “When will you move out?”

Well, I didn’t want it, until the burglary happened, and everything has changed.

The reason I am writing this post is that I have learned many things after moving from a place where I lived for more than a decade.

Moving can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. It takes a lot of energy of planning and effort, not to mention stress. Thanks to the myUmzug team in Vienna, the moving went smoothly and easily. Here is why?

About myUmzug:

Founded by Mrs. Mirha Bikic, while she was on maternity leave, she came up with an idea to start her own business and founded myUmzug on 1st of December in 2018. Since then, her company has become bigger and completed thousands of moving projects of any kind. 

What I really like about myUmzug is that everything works perfectly well and organized. So, how can you book myUmzug? First you contact them via the website, and fill the form. After myUmzug will come to see your place, and make an individual and personal offer, without any hidden costs. Then you’ll receive the moving boxes, you organize the boxes, and myUmzug can pick them all up so that your belongings and furniture can be transported to the new place.

From the day you receive all boxes as well as on the day when the moving starts, everything works well. In addition to moving, myUmzug also offers basement and the attic disposals, as well as they are specialized in transporting paintings and pianos.

Here are the lessons I learned about moving in Vienna:

Declutter and downsize your possessions

I’ve learned to dedicate a few nights before starting to pack, and to get rid of things that I haven’t used for a year or more. It was psychologically liberating and saved me time unpacking when I moved to my new home.

For instance, I donated 90% of my furniture, as well as half of my book collection.

Organize your belongings before packing them

I learned to organize every box, by labeling and wrapping sensitive possessions. Pre-packing most of the small items, helps you to not rush and lose control of where your things are.  

myUmzug offers great eco boxes as well as wrapping tissues for glasses and sensitive items. I’ve found that the most efficient way to pack is by category, such as clothes, accessories, shoes, books, kitchen tools, documents, etc.

Another satisfying thing was first to start organizing all documents and papers. I haven’t done it for so many years, and realized that I had an excessive amount of paper that was old and didn’t need them anymore. While organizing the documents, I have categorized all and scanned the important ones and kept the originals with me when I moved. These are items that I never want to get damaged or misplaced. 

If you are planning to move and need a professional support, hire myUmzug— for fast and uncomplicated moving of all your boxes, especially your furniture or even art as well as a heavy music instruments.

Pack sustainably

Throughout years, I have saved lot of boxes that I have received, and re-used those I already had. Make sure you wrap your sensitive belonging without plastic and use household textiles instead. myUmzug’s reusable eco-boxes, are not only stable but also environmentally friendly without creating so much waste.

How to avoid stress while moving the house?

Contact myUmzug as early as possible, to have more time to plan and to pack everything. Making a list of everything you have to do, and consider your timeline. Declutter before your move can save you time and stress, but it can also save you money. Make a packing plan – and start early from the most important things, such as documents and important papers. This should then be placed somewhere where you will not lose it. 

Organize utilities, and don’t forget to keep track of gas, electric and water. If you’re not staying with the same provider in your new home, it’s worth calling to say that you are moving and that account is finished. Also, take time to clean. Getting into your new home a little earlier means you can fully assess it, and give it a good clean before you move your furniture in. 

Pack a moving day survival kit

This is something, I wish I did, but I am telling you– you definitely should. Few days before your moving day make sure you have packed a moving day survival kit of essentials. The kit should contain necessary items that will get you and your family through the day (and the first night), such as toiletries, some essential clothes, phone chargers, bottles of water, snacks and provisions for hot drinks.

Take it easy and don’t stress

I know that this part is very difficult to control. Personally, I freaked out because I thought I won’t make it to pack all within few days. It’s important to have realistic expectations of how much you want to get done – it’s unlikely you’re going to unpack your entire house by the first night. 

It will take time to fully unpack and get your new home looking the way you want it, so don’t feel everything has to come together immediately. 

Eventually everything will be done, as it should and at the end of moving day, it will be all worth it. 

*Disclaimer- In a friendly cooperation with myUmzug, moving to my new home was made easier. This is 100% not a sponsored post, only an exchange of services.

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