Where to stay, eat, drink, shop and relax at hot springs in Iceland’s beautiful capital city

*NOTE: Unfortunately we are still in unusual times, and the COVID-19 regulations change rapidly. Please check here the latest information before making your journey to Iceland.

I already knew that September will start with a lot of work appointments, new projects and a travel destination that I have planned for the end of the month. But I would have never thought, that I would travel to Iceland on September 4th so spontaneously. My Icelandic friend and business partner, who lives in Vienna, asked me two days before the flight— if I can travel with her and her twins to Iceland for personal reasons. Without even thinking, I said “Yes, I will come and help you!”, and after a few minutes I realized “OMG, I am going to my dream island on Saturday, holy moly!”

Surely, I knew that this is not a typical work trip, nor a vacation—so I couldn’t plan too much. However, my friend was so kind to think about me and connect me with her Icelandic friends, who could give me tips on where to stay or where to go while I am in Reykjavik. So, the tips I am sharing with you here, are my personal as well as tips from the local insiders.

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