December 20, 2021

Listed on the 48th place in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants— NUEMA was born as a culinary project of chefs Alejandro Chamorro and Pía Salazar with the purpose of expressing in their proposal the biodiversity of Ecuador under a contemporary and avant-garde perspective.


Let’s start off with an overview

There are so many reasons why NUEMA has been listed as of the the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. The biodiversity of Ecuador is reviewed daily by the chefs, and brought on the contemporary table where the products are presented with entertaining techniques that showcase the quality and the aesthetics. NUEMA’s menu is simple and has harmonious flavors with perfect aesthetic. The creations are based on local and seasonal products. Mashuas, nea pía (an Amazonian chili pepper based on yucca), seasonal fruits, and chawar (a distillate of the Andean agave) are some of the products that will be found on the menu. Pía Salazar takes care of the daily logistics of the restaurant, but she is also the pastry chef.

What to drink?

NUEMA knows exactly what to offer and goes well with every course, like Ecuadorian Kombucha wine, red wines and various Latin American bottles. To enhance the meal, order different wines or home-made juices if you prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

What are the specialties?

The tasting menu starts with seven courses but can go up to 15 if the diner wishes. Camorro and Salazar believe that the tasting menu is the best way to express everything that the vast Ecuadorian territory has, without limiting creativity. It changes and evolves according to what the season offers at its best, trying to highlight what makes the cuisine different as Ecuadorians adapting the philosophy to products, so that the idea locality makes sense.

What’s the service like?

Friendly, professional and very respectful.

Things you should know before planning a night out?

Upscale price category. Payment options: cash, debit card, credit card. Closed on Mondays and Sundays. Make reservations here.

Address: Junín E1-44 y Juan Pío Montufar, Quito

Find NUEMA on Instagram here

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Thanks to my Ecuadorian bestie Ade for introducing me one of the best restaurants in Ecuador, NUEMA.

Photography (c) DisiCouture 

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