January 6, 2022

Hello 2022! According to numerology 2+2+2=6 and the number 6 is the year of Venus. In numerology the number 6 is the year of marriage, business partnerships, getting into new relationships but at the same time it can tear down what is already there to gain something new.

What is important for 2022, is that this is a year of new beginnings. Usually we have 12 new moons in a year but this year we have 13 as the New Year started with the moon in Sagittarius in Purvashada nakshatra.

For January we have some important transits in scope. The sun will move to Capricorn on 14th of January and on the same date Mercury, the planet of communication, will turn retrograde in Capricorn. When a planet goes in retrograde motion it’s stronger and turns inwards. This means that a quality that a planet has in direct motion is somewhat forgotten. For Mercury this generally means that it’s not a good time to sign documents, there can be delays in communication and travels and troubles with devices. The ultimate results depend on the lordship Mercury has in your chart.

On 16th of January, Mars will enter Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius  where Venus is in Rx motion. Although, Mars won’t be coming too close to Venus, Venus won’t be really comfortable with having Mars in the same house. Imagine, you have your aggressive neighbor living next to your room– you can hear and see him but it’s still bearable.

On the 17th of January there is a full moon (in the nakshatra of Punarvasu in the sign of Cancer). Finally on 29th of January Venus will turn directly in Sagittarius and there will be a new moon in Capricorn on the last day of January.
The horoscope for January can be read from your sun, moon and ascendant sign. For more information click here.


Venus Rx
Venus is generally seen as the planet of love and beauty but in sidereal astrology the house lordship decides the role the planet Venus plays. For Aries ascendant Venus rules the second house of money, family and food but also the 7th house of relationships and business partnerships. Venus will be Rx till the 29th of January in the 9th house, the house of higher wisdom and travel. It means that this is not a good time to make any major decisions regarding relationships. If you want to, wait until Venus turns direct after the 29th of January. This time could be a time for Aries to think about family planning, travel with loved ones and indulge in Venusian things. However, the aim to execute future plans can also lead to a heated argument as your ascendant planet Mars will be joining Venus from 16th of January. Although it will keep coming closer in degrees by the end of January. Also, keep a check on your expenses as you might spend more than you necessarily need to.

Mercury Rx
Mercury will turn Rx in your 10th house of career and it’s the lord of the 3rd and 6th house. There could be some misunderstandings at work or making an error regarding important documents. Make sure you cross-check work related things twice before you send them. Mercury Rx is usually a time of misunderstandings and misinformation so also keep a check on what you consume as a reader or viewer. It would be a good time to limit your social media use and instead use your creativity and unleash your passion.
Lucky dates: 12, 14, 30, 31


Venus Rx
Taurus, your ascendant planet, representing you, is in the 8th house. While Venus is in retrograde motion, the North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu are in 1-7 axis. Keep a check on your health, as all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu and Venus is combust for two weeks behind the Sun. As Venus is your ruling planet you may feel frustrated and things might get delayed for you. Note: if you have Venus Rx in your natal birth chart then this time might actually be the opposite: things may flow without much effort. Retrograde planets turn you inward and Venus being the lord of the 1st house and 6th house you may prioritize your health and work routine. It can be a difficult month for Taurus ascendants, but this is particularly a good month for the Venus sign to shift the focus to yourself instead of all the buzz around you.

Mercury Rx
Mercury, the planet of communication, will turn Rx this month as well. In sidereal astrology, the house’s Mercury rules play an important role to determine the outcome. For Taurus ascendants this is the second and 5th house. You may come across a new possible lover this time but it’s best not to make major decisions right now. With Mercury Rx (Mercury also rules our boyfriend or girlfriend in general) there is a possibility you may come across an old love or ex. Even if this happens, it’s not the best time to make major decisions regarding it. Workwise, this can be a good time and also a time to plan travels or hobbies you want to undertake in the future. Prioritize your dreams, hobbies, ideals and beliefs this January.
Lucky dates: 7, 13, 22, 30


Venus Rx
Venus the planet of love, beauty and arts is currently Retrograde in your 7th house. Venus rules the 5th and 12th house for you and being retrograde in the 7th this might be a time you are thinking of a new business partnership. There might be fertile ideas about what you want to do but wait, don’t act immediately on it. Venus retrograde slows down things and it’s a time to turn inwards before you take action. If you are in a relationship and you are thinking of converting things into a serious partnership like a marriage, wait till the retrograde period is over.

Mercury Rx
Your ascendant lord Mercury will turn Rx on the 14th of January and it will be joining Saturn and Sun in transit. A long pending conflict may come to an end and especially during the Rx period of Mercury in Capricorn, you want to act very fast on things. Slow down, take a breath and wait till the retrograde season is over. If you are waiting for a payment to happen, try not to rush things and be patient because after the Mercury Rx season things may fall into place. With Mars transiting in the 7th house from the 16th of January you could work round the clock and work round the clock. But it’s advisable to execute it after your ascendant ruler turns direct.
Lucky dates: 8, 11, 18, 27, 29


Venus Rx
The past month has been quite exhausting and a whirlwind for cancer ascendant. Venus is in retrograde motion means that a lot of emphasis is on your home environment and your source of income. It’s a good time to spend some time with the female members of your family, like your mother and sisters. If you are waiting for a payment, this may get delayed. Saturn still being in the 7th house with Sun may create some ego battles in your relationship and misunderstandings. However, this transit of Sun, Saturn and Mercury in the 7th house can also mean that this month is about taking care or helping of someone who embodies the 7th house. This can be a business partner but also your spouse.

Mercury Rx
Mercury being Rx in your 7th house with the 7th lord Saturn and 2nd lord Sun may create some misunderstandings or communications errors with business partners or your spouse. Especially when you set your intention on helping them because you care, there can be misunderstandings. Since Venus is Rx in the 6th house with Mars, it’s advisable not to jump into any conclusion after Mercury turns direct in February. As Mercury rules the 3rd and the 12th house, there can be some delays in travel or with communication devices you own.
Lucky dates: 13, 17, 18, 29


Venus Rx
Leo ascendant, generally this time is not so good for love and relationships. Venus being Rx in your 5th house of love affairs and Saturn, Mercury and Sun in the 6th house of disputes and arguments, you need to be careful not to get entangled in heated arguments. With Jupiter in the 7th house, there is a saving grace but you need to be mindful about your words, thoughts and actions. Think before you speak and don’t let your ego win over love. If you have children this is a good time to spend as much time with them as possible. Your child might need your help in creative activities or want to do things together. By taking up activities as sports or arts and crafts, you will unleash your inner child which is a warm welcome this month.

Mercury Rx
Mercury is transiting in the 6th house with Sun and Saturn. As said above, for Leo’s this can be a time of heated arguments. The positive outcome is that this also might be the time that Leo’s have to review their savings and income. They will set new intentions for 2022 and execute them from March on. Not a time to make major decisions but definitely to set some new intentions.
Lucky dates: 7, 11, 17, 19


Venus Rx
Virgo for you, Venus is transiting in the 4th house and Mars will be joining Venus from 16th of January. This is a time to travel. If your family lives abroad, this is a good time to visit your birth country and family and spend time with the females in your life. Besides that, Venus ruling the 2nd and 9th house, you will be starting to think more and more about a family, love affairs and where things are headed in your life. January is a month where you will be thinking of the future and which path you need to choose.

Mercury Rx
Your ascendant Lord Mercury will be Rx in the 5th house where Sun and 5th lord Saturn are transiting. What does this mean? You have to make decisions before Mercury turns retrograde and if you can wait, make the decisions after Mercury turns direct. You should be more receptive about things because when Mercury turns retrograde it turns inwards and it forgets its qualities. So, when Mercury turns Rx in Capricorn you might find it difficult to create a routine and be organized. Virgo is an organized sign and is not used to being chaotic. However, this transit might feel like your current situation defines your future. This is not true, because Saturn rules the 5th and the 6th house. You need to trust your own instincts to make a decision regarding prosperity and growth. Be confident that you can do things and show your skills to the world.
Lucky dates: 8, 9, 11, 12


Venus Rx
Libra, for you your ascendant lord Venus is Rx till the 29th of January. And, on top of that soon from the 16th of January Mars will be joining Venus. Venus and Mars are opposite, so Venus might not feel very comfortable with Mars around. For Libra’s this can be a stressed time as Saturn is also aspecting Venus from the Capricorn sign. You may feel isolated in your thoughts and your energy may feel blocked. Persistence is the key for Libra’s this month. You might feel that you have to put double the effort to gain something. Have faith and patience that things will fall into place more after February.

Mercury Rx
Mercury is in 4th house as the lord of 9th and 12th house so don’t make any hasty decisions to travel. And, if you do – make sure you cross-check everything. Traveling during this period may be your wish but at the same time you might spend more than you calculated. While Saturn and Sun will be in Capricorn as well, you have to work hard but you know that you have just one goal. This can be a goal related to work, hobbies or even your love life. Don’t obsess with it, hard work and wishful thinking is good but with Rahu transiting your 8th house you also need to keep a check on your health.
Lucky dates: 8, 19, 29


Venus Rx
For Scorpio your ascendant lord is in it’s own sign till the 16th of January. You have to take care of your speech, so you can have some lack of understanding towards the 5th house activities. There is a possibility that there is some tension in the work sphere. You might have to relocate or have some misunderstandings with your senior(s) at work. What is important during this month is to have your finances on track and recoup money you are waiting for. At the same time, with Mars going in Sagittarius in the later month joining Venus and Rahu in the 7th house there can be a communication gap between you and your partner. However, the attraction will be top notch and if you are not in a relationship, you might have the desire to be into one.

Mercury Rx
Mercury will be in Rx motion in the 3rd house for Scorpio ascendants. The energy regarding taking actions might be blocked and you might feel a little frustrated. As said before, if you are waiting to recoup some money, you have to be more diligent. Jupiter is currently in the 4th house as the lord of the 2nd and 5th house so it’s a good time to focus more on the home front. Spend time with your parents, siblings or partner and children. All the chaos you might be feeling now, can be calmed down by some quality time with your loved ones.
Lucky dates: 18, 19, 24


Venus Rx
Sagittarius your ascendant lord Jupiter is currently transiting in the 3rd house. Overall, January will be a positive month where you will have good finances. You might be thinking of buying some new electronic goods or spending your money on a charity cause. Go ahead, as charity is always good. If you are looking to buy any real estate – it’s a good time to explore your options. It might be that you are finalizing your deal but the best is to sign the papers once Mercury turns direct mid-February. Venus is currently in retrograde motion in your 1st house, if you are in a love relationship things can take a serious turn and you will have a lot of passion.

Mercury Rx
Mercury will be retrograde in the second house of savings, speech and family. This is the time to grow your wealth because you are able to save a lot. Take things slowly, as Jupiter in Aquarius is in a very fast motion (it will change signs in April) so you might want to rush things. Currently the sign of Libra which falls in your 11th house is under heavy aspect from Saturn and Jupiter which means that you might review your friend circle this time. Relationships that aren’t fuelling you, you’ll let go.
Lucky dates: 14, 18, 30


Venus Rx
Capricorn your ascendant lord Saturn is transiting in your 1st house since January 2020. It has been a time of hard work but somehow in the way you might have lost yourself. With the Sun transiting in your 1st house from 16th of January and Mercury as well in retrograde motion this is a good time to start a new habit and take care of your wellbeing. With Venus in Rx in the 12th house it’s time you do something you really like. And, that can be literally anything. Do not start the year with just working but enjoy life a little bit. Venus in the 12th house is naturally a house where Venus exalts and it is a significance for our conscious mind. Creating new habits all start in our subconscious mind so this period is a good time to dive into activities you enjoy doing.

Mercury Rx
Mercury will be in the ascendant in retrograde motion. Usually, a retrograde period is not favorable because the planet forgets its qualities. With Mercury what usually happens, is that the retrograde motion is a time of chaos in terms of communication and delays. With Mercury traveling in the 1st house where Saturn and Sun are already staying, it all boils down again to your well being and creating new habits and beliefs. You might have tried many times to change a habit and now you are taking another shot. With patience and persistence you’ll reach your goal.
Lucky dates : 9, 10, 15, 19


Venus Rx
Aquarius ascendant, with Saturn your ascendant in the 12th house, Jupiter in the 1st house and Venus in Rx motion in the 11th house the month has started off well for you. You might be especially catching up with your friends after New Year and getting in touch with long lost friends. The Venus Rx period might have you thinking of some far away travels too. It’s a good time to travel although keep the Rx motion of Mercury in mind from January 16th. Mercury also being the lord of the 5th and 8th house, don’t exhaust yourself with too many plans. Health is still an important theme for you but Jupiter is definitely a saving grace in the 1st house.

Mercury Rx
During this Rx period of Mercury in Capricorn and Sun being there as the 7th lord, this is a time you might be needing some time to decide about decisions regarding a (business) partnerships. This is the time you might feel disconnected from your own emotions and the world. This may lead to meeting new people who have a similar outlook in life as you. As the transit happens in the 12th house, where your ascendant lord Saturn is already transiting, you might also be needing more me-time this month. Regarding work, you will be thinking about learning a new skill because you want to be ahead of others. But moreover, you feel the need to learn a new skill to seek a possible new career path. Do it! Learn a new skill but do it in solidity, so don’t share it too much with others.
Lucky dates : 21, 28, 29


Venus Rx
For Pisces ascendant Venus the lord of the 3rd and 8th house is transiting the 10th house. If you are looking for a job where you work with others’ money this can be a good time to join. Take care of your own health as Jupiter is transiting the 12th house, but especially look out for your female counterpart in your life. It might be that they are dealing with a hard time. On the work front, this is a time you’ll probably have to work harder than you set to. But whatever you set your intention to, you will win. Regarding love, if you are in a relationship you wish to stabilize things so you’ll be all about action and less talk.

Mercury Rx
Mercury the lord of the 4th and 7th house will be transiting in the 11th house. Saturn and Sun will be present in Capricorn as well. At the work front this might be a tricky time, you can deal with people with a double agenda at the work front. And, it will be difficult for you to read through them – but an advice is to think before you speak. As a lot of 11th house activities are happening with Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the 8th house Libra, your dreams and wishes can go into fulfillment but only if you suffer because suffering is the essence of success.
Lucky dates: 17, 27, 31

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