February 6, 2022

We apologize for a slightly delayed astrology forecast for February due to personal circumstances. Mercury turns direct on the 4th of February. For many of us this might be a relief. So, what does February have in store? Well, the universe is always in motion. The Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius on February 13, Mars will enter Capricorn (the sign it exalts) on the 26th of February followed by Venus on the 27th of February. Currently Mars and Venus are a few degrees apart – and they will be closer in degrees around Valentine’s Day. To be precise, the exact conjunction of Mars and Venus will happen on February 16th in the sign of Sagittarius. Expect passion or passionate fights. Besides the planets transiting from one to another sign, another important event is happening this month. Saturn will transit to the nakshatra of Dhanistha (ruled by Mars) on February 17th.

So what does Saturn in Dhanistha represent? When Saturn enters the nakshatra of Dhanistha, people in general will be more ambitious. They will work harder and smarter to reach their goals. They will be ‘hungry’ for worldly success which, unrightfully is measured in money. However, success never comes overnight so the transit of Saturn in the nakshatra of Dhanistha, the last part of the sign of Capricorn, success only happens with balancing your life and work.

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Aries, your ascendant lord Mars is currently transiting in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter and Mars are friends so Mars feels at ease in the home of Jupiter. However, Venus is there too and it makes Mars quite uncomfortable. Mars and Venus together can create intense passion for the good or bad. Let’s hope for Aries this will be a month of intense passion. If you are planning to go on a short holiday with your loved one this will lighten the flames of love even more. With the Sun transiting in Capricorn for the first part of February, and conjunct Saturn, you will be quite serious about your work routine. Especially when Saturn transits in the nakshatra of Dhanistha you will be more driven by your ambition and goals.


Taurus ascendant, how does it feel to be back to normal? Your planetary ruler Venus was in retrograde motion for a while and is finally direct since 30th January. The twist in February is that Mars and Venus are in conjunction and this is happening in your 8th house. This can mean many things but a few important takes are that Taurus people might undergo a transformation in their relationship. Passion is fine but don’t let this passion burn you, that is the message for Taurus this February. Besides that, take utmost care of your health and of your spouse.


Your planetary ruler Mercury just turned direct and that must be somewhat of a relief. With Saturn, Sun and Mercury in the 8th house you still have to be super cautious about your health. If you had some health issues last month, you might be feeling better, but now is the time to recover properly. If you are in a relationship – you might feel the extra love from your partner around Valentine’s Day but also your children. While you have to focus more on yourself this month, you’ll be more busy with the needs of others around you. Take it slow and one day at a time because you can only do as much as is in your power.


Well hello Cancer, how are you? You still might feel somewhat stuck emotion wise. Things are going the better way but you wish they were different. As Saturn glazes at your 9th, 1st house and 4th house there is a common theme which will continue at least till April and that is, travel, philosophy, inner peace, mental health and the focus on you. Once Saturn changes it’s nakshatra to Dhanistha you will put more effort into your ambitions, career and creative pursuits. For the single cancer fellows, this may also mean you might go on dates. For the ones in a relationship: February is a wonderful month to celebrate love.


Leo, your planetary ruler Sun is currently traveling in the sign of Capricorn where it clashes with Saturn. The Sun and Saturn conjunction is one of power. There could be some power struggles at work which you want to win no matter what. A reminder: it’s not always important to win but to get your point of view across. In terms of love, the Venus and Mars conjunction is happening in your 5th house of love and romance. Intense passion is expected. If you belong to the romantic lot, surprise your partner or your crush on Valentine’s Day because fire is guaranteed.


Virgo, your ascendant ruler Mercury just turned direct and is transiting in the 5th house. You might come back and back to issues of romance. Especially with the Sun and Saturn – it can feel like a power struggle. With Venus and Mars transiting in Sagittarius, your 4th house, February may be a month where love is on the forefront. The passion is there but it might be there in the form of arguments and struggles. Especially with Saturn transiting in Dhanistha from February 17th, sudden changes may arise regarding love and finances. Workwise, you’ll be happy that your ideas are being appreciated and things are slowly working out.


Libra, your ascendant lord Venus just turned direct on January 30th. Now, Venus and Mars are in close degrees together and will be conjunct on the 16th of February. This conjunction is happening in the 3rd house. If you are single, and open to meeting someone new, you might do so via the internet or a dating app. For the Libra’s in a relationship: go on a short weekend getaway with your partner because this might release stress for both of you. Mentally wise, Libra’s still might not be feeling that great. With Saturn changing nakshatra to Dhanistha, you might be able to handle it easier but its advised to keep a check on your physical and mental health. 


Scorpio, for you your ascendant lord Mars is in the second house with Venus. This is for sure a month where you will be spending money on luxurious items and relationships. Afterall, the focus for you this month is on your partner and your future together. Long term plans are the focus of this month. Planning a faraway vacation, family or a promotion might be themes you are thinking of. Workwise, you might be more systematic and review every option you have to make you dreams come true.


Your ascendant lord Jupiter is transiting in the 3rd house. Mars and Venus are transiting in your ascendant. Sagittarius people might feel that their efforts are not being rewarded and this month, they will review their efforts and work even harder and with more passion to inch closer to their goal. In terms of relationships, last month could be a period of arguments between you and your spouse. As Gemini, ruled by Mercury, rules your 7th house of relationships and partner, you might revisit these issues again. These arguments may last – even during the period of Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it’s advised to communicate your needs and not let yourself be driven by ego.


Capricorn, last month and even this month is going to be packed. With the Sun leaving Capricorn but Mars and Venus joining the sign of Capricorn from mid-February, you might suddenly feel energetic and a sparkle. On the other hand, Venus and Mars joining Saturn – might also mean that you can be disappointed in terms of life or take love, in a more practical way. You still might be driven by the work hard play hard motto to succeed in life. Take care of your health with Saturn transiting in the nakshatra of Dhanistha, as too much ambition or greed can never be solely good.


Aquarius, for you Saturn is transiting in the 12th house. As soon as Saturn will be transiting through the nakshatra of Dhanistha, you will be more driven regarding health. With Venus and Mars transiting in Sagittarius and being conjunct, afterwards in Capricorn where Mars exalts – anything to do with travel and home may be on the cards. With Sun transiting in your ascendant, being the 7th lord, you may feel a dominance clash between you and your partner. It’s advisable to keep your cool as the Sun (your partner) is never totally comfortable in a house (in this case Aquarius) with an opposite energy. 


Pisces, your ascendant lord Jupiter is transiting in the 12th house Aquarius. Your main focus this month is you and your career. With the Mars and Venus conjunction, you might become more skilful in your day to day routine and find a way to win time. Relationship wise, this is a good time to review commitments, arguments or communication during the Mercury Rx period. As Virgo rules your 7th house, which is ruled by Mercury, you might clear the air and have a relaxed Valentine’s Day.

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