February 15, 2022

After a month of travelling to South America, had seven flights in December and four flights in January, having a cold after all these travels and exhaustion— I was more than ready to spend 10-days of relaxation at Marienkron.

But what did I do there for 10-days? How was my stay, and how did I feel afterwards? Continue reading this post and learn more about my experience.


“The power of the tree comes from its roots. The power of health from the gut.”

Marienkron is dedicated to this philosophy.

Have you ever been to a SPA hotel at a monastery? Only 45 min drive from the Vienna’s center, Marienkron, is a unique SPA, where nuns welcomed Kneipp (spa) guests 50 years ago, but today the hotel’s focus is overall about gut health and recovering from the Inside Out.

With a new style and new interior design, Marienkron’s managing directors Elke Müller and Gunther Farnleitner, welcome guests personally upon their arrival. Explaining the rules and the program of the hotel— every guest is taken care of individually, professionally and warmth.

The hotel was re-opened in May 2019, as well as completely renovated guest rooms with air conditioning, spacious pool, sauna area with a panoramic view over an endless beautiful green park. A tea house, and a large restaurant to enjoy every meal.

Marienkron serves vegetarian dishes every day, as well as fish dishes every Friday and meat on Sundays. There are new therapy rooms, where massages and treatments take place.


Even though the hotel is popular for the fasting cure, I chose the “NEUE STRAHLKRAFT” (NEW RADIANCE) cure, which is healing from the inside and outside. After a consultation with a nutritionist and talking about my needs, and things I wanted to change— I have decided mainly to eat consciously, clean, no processed sugar, alcohol and to reduce coffee.

This super relaxed 10-days in Mönchhof, was exactly what I needed after all the stress and travels I had lately. The positive effects of the cure were noticeable in the first few days and continued afterwards.

Not only the healthy food has such a positive impact, but also my daily sauna sessions, cold showers, swimming, exercising pilates in my room, sleeping well and having the beauty treatments showed positive results.

Swimming is a great workout, because it keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body, provides an all-over body workout, tones muscles and builds strength.


  • The location of the hotel is one of my favorite highlights. It’s surrounded by a huge natural park. You just feel instantly relaxed the moment you arrive at Marienkron.
  • I liked the calming colors of the hotel’s interior.
  • Marienkron fulfilled my expectations with cleanliness. The room, bathroom and every area in the building was clean and neat.
  • Now that I have visited Marienkron in winter, I loved how warm the rooms and every area of the hotel was. You could roam around with your bathrobe, without freezing in the hallways, but also it was very cozy in the room.
  • I like vegetarian cuisine with plant based and vegan options. In an (almost) meat- and fish-free cuisine, the buffet offers a variety of plant-based foods and dishes. Each day there were two sorts of soups, a clear and a crème soup, salads and the main dishes are vegetarian, as well as vegan options.
  • Each guest has a doctor and a dietician/nutritionist appointment on the first day. They guide you and give you a plan to follow during the stay. If the guests have any additional questions during the stay, they can meet the doctor or the dietician every day at the buffet.
  • Marienkron offers a great selection of massages, alkaline and whey baths, seaweed wraps, etc.
  • The swimming pool, sauna (60 and 90 degrees) and steam bath areas, are also one of the highlights of Marienkron.
  • Activities: walking outside, meditation, aqua gymnastics, breathing exercises, yoga and Qigong are offered.

Brottrunk (literally means “bread drink” in German), which is a fermented grain beverage made from bread. Brottrunk contains live cultures (Lactobacillus reuteri), grain lactic acid, minerals and vitamins (though not in noteworthy amounts).

A number of limited clinical studies have been conducted that drinking a glass of Brottrunk, has indicated the positive effect on the immune system, the skin, the digestive system and other health related issues.

The buffet also has different bread options, like gluten-free breads and rice crackers.


Very attentive staff, well organised, and extremely friendly.


  • Check-In WITHOUT EXCEPTION: 2-G and ONLY with a negative PCR test. FFP2 mask requirement for all guests in the Kurhaus. (These are the current requirements. Please check the website should Covid-19 rules change anytime soon.)
  • Bring your blood & urine test reports with you, so that the doctor and the dietician know what kind of a food and activity plan you can have during your stay.
  • If you are planning to fast, bring warm clothes—- for inside but also outside, when you go out for a walk.
  • A pair of nice warm slippers are great to wear to the restaurant and to the tea bar.
  • Bring slippers for the pool area.
  • If you are a side sleeper, and usually sleep in memory foam pillows, take your pillow with you and thank me later.
  • Bring all your favorite skin, hair and body care with you, additionally— don’t forget to bring your dry brush as well.
  • A toiletry bag is also needed, where you have your toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton swabs, Hair brush and/or comb, shampoo and/or conditioner, razor, deodorant, sunscreen, and a mosquito spray (in Spring or summer).


  • I was expecting more from the face and body treatments. I think there are so many great options to improve this part. I would have added some therapies like: cryotherapy, electrolysis foot bath, vitamin infusions, halotherapy, facials with natural cosmetics etc.
  • Unfortunately, the pillows were very uncomfortable for me. I couldn’t sleep on the first night. On the next day, the housekeepers brought me a neck foam pillow. Unfortunately it was not an original memory pillow, so again one more sleepless night. Luckily, my friend Maria had an idea to go to shop for a quality pillow at a nearby shopping mall, so from the third day on— I could sleep better.
  • Bad to almost no Wi-Fi connection: I know, Marienkron is a SPA hotel where you should relax and use your phone or notebook as little as possible. But as an entrepreneur, I needed to send emails from time to time, and the Wi-Fi connection almost didn’t work at all, so I used my own hotspot instead.
  • Less carbs, more salads and plant based protein: I feel like I saw more bread than salad options in the buffet. Even though the selection of the salads, and cold plates were great, I had the feeling that some of the items were missing— like avocados, or different salad options.


Overall a wonderful place to relax, recharge, and recover. Here you can learn to be conscious about the food choices you make on a daily basis, learn to stay hydrated and active all day long. It‘s a warm and welcoming place, even if you are spending the vacation alone, you‘ll feel at home.

On the other note

The medical and nutritionists team from Kurhaus Marienkron opened the new therapy rooms in Vienna’s third district. This center was created in order to look after and accompany the Marienkron guests in the long or short term. Upon request, the center in Vienna offers dieticians, therapists and, if necessary— doctors. Registrations for Vienna or for the 6-month follow-up care package can be made via the Kurhaus Marienkron website.

Photos (c) Disi Couture

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid advertisement. I was invited to test the “Neue Strahlkraft” (New radiance) package of 10 days, in order to write a review about my experience.

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