October 20, 2019

A question I get asked often “How can you stay motivated to wake-up early, workout, be in the office, go to appointments, attend events, travel, do this and do that?” My answer is, it’s only a mindset and a strong willpower.

Starting my day at 6 AM with warm lemon water, prepare a healthy breakfast and create a to-to list for the day, doesn’t always happen naturally. I do have “grey” days, when everything seems impossible, overwhelming, and difficult to have strong willpower to motivate myself and be productive.

The fact is, motivation doesn’t happen itself, but you have to train it. I’ve learned through the years that you need consistently to stay on the ball, and if it remained unsuccessful, you should focus on your goals in order to find and try out other action approaches.

Here are 5 ways how to stay and feel motivated:

Overthinking will block you, will give you anxiety and won’t give you the power and confidence to achieve your goals. Set goals, visualize it and let it be your driving force.


Don’t give your personal power and denying that your success lies on your hand. Write down your goals, and why you want to achieve them. Do you have big goals you long to achieve? Then start planning smaller steps. Never underestimate the power of small steps to help you reach them. Always remember “Good things take time.” There is no greater feeling in life than accomplishing something you’ve set out to do. 


Patience is probably one of the most difficult personal qualities to master. We want everything to happen now, but we must remind ourselves that some things don’t happen when we want to. Be patient with yourself. Then, try and try again. You have probably seen lot of businesses, brands, and even blogs fail because the entrepreneur gave up.


Be mindful, even if your mind is full. Switch off, leave the phone for awhile and replace listening to motivational podcasts to fuel the mind and boost encouragement. Here are my 10 favorite podcasts to enhance your life and career.


So, how can you stay motivated, when your to-do list is endless long, you just received a rejection, your co-worker is sick on leave, your car needs a service, deadline for projects becomes a problem?

Each time difficulties occur, remind yourself Albert Einstein’s words: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Everything is possible, and for every problem there is a solution. Just do it! Just take the first step, send the e-mail, make the call, and apply for whatever you are planning to start. Trying is always worth it!

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