May 23, 2018

Yes, you heard it right – Contouring Tights! I am not talking about the makeup effect you can wear on your face, but about the finest as well as the most innovative contouring tights that have ever been created. These are the world’s first contouring, compression tights, designed by make-up artists. The Contouring Tights use shadows and highlights the same way as face make-up, that creates a smooth, visually slimmer and perfectly defined shape so your legs look like they were photoshopped!
Similar to black or white clothing, dark and light colors can be used to highlight areas of the body and sculpt a truly beautiful shape. ITEM m6 takes advantage of physics: black is absorbed and white reflects. The areas of the body to be concealed are darkened and the “good parts” are visually lightened. This optical illusion, the darker printed sides and highlighting on the front and back of the tights instantly makes your legs look slimmer.

Contouring lovers know a lot about the art of face contouring and ITEM m6 has created this amazing effect to define the legs. Therefore ITEM m6 lets every woman experience this amazing effect in a seconds, without any expert knowledge, tutorials or all the work it takes to apply and remove make-up.

Thanks to this innovative tights, I can enjoy the perfect silhouette that lasts. They perfectly fit and have an invisible heel, as well as have a push-up effect that gently lifts the rear and gives a great feeling of well-being and lightness, without any slipping or pinching.
The high-tech compression technology made in Germany meets Hollywood make-up techniques and revolutionizes the world of leg-wear is just what every woman needs. A precisely defined compression profile shapes, improves circulation and uses microcirculation to beautify the appearance of your skin. The unique symbiosis with the contouring effects of the tights creates a one-of-a-kind combination that is both effective and attractive. The colors flow together and leave nothing but stunningly beautiful, nude legs as if they were touched up.

These tights might look unusual out of the box, but they deliver a magical shade and an invisible shaping effect when you put them on. The colors flow together and leave nothing but stunningly beautiful shape.





  Extremely durable          Perfect shaping                Best fit                     Ultra sheer finish

       Lightening zones                                                                                           Darkening zones

Lighter contouring nuances for stunningly beautiful, nude legs as if they were touched up, while darker contouring nuances for visually slimmer legs.

Available in two tones, powder & light tan. Check out for more here.

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Photography (c) Tony Gigov

In collaboration with ITEM m6

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