September 10, 2019

Over the past couple months, I’ve been getting so much into podcasts. I never thought I’d ever become a podcast person. Although I read lot of self-improvement, spiritual healing, sociology, psychology and career books, sometimes I prefer to listen to podcasts. It’s something different than books or watching TV and I love learning about new things in different ways. Inspirational podcasts give me another level of happiness and I consider it as a #SelfCare time, when I need to switch-off and motivate myself for new things.

If you want to try one podcast out, learn something new, become inspired, and get motivated or become better at your job, check out what I am listening to right now:

1. TED Talks Daily

I have learned so much from TED Talks podcasts. With a wide range of ideas, TED Talks Daily is educational, challenging, inspirational, motivational and also provoking. Each podcast episode is themed around interesting topics, such as career, well-being, and features some of the world’s greatest thinkers and TED Talk speakers. Download it here.

2. Getting Things Done

GTD podcasts will support you at every stage of your Getting Things Done practice. Inspirational interviews with people from all walks of life about their life and journey. The podcast is performed in such a way that it’s relevant to beginners as well as veterans who have practiced GTD for years. Highly recommended! Download it here.


The podcast from Business of Fashion is an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs. Thoroughly detailed in content, listen to BOF journalists and CEO Imran Ahmed aka. fashion oracle interview the industry’s biggest innovators. Download it here.

4. Oprah’s Masterclass

Oprah’s Masterclass was the first podcast I’ve downloaded, and I’ve listened to all episodes in one day. She features the most respected and renowned public figures, actors, musicians and athletes. Listen to conversations with Ellen Degeneres, Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Jane Fonda, Dr. Maya Angelou etc, what they’ve learned about life and their own insights into their personal stories. Each episode is an inspiring take on expanding and enhancing your life, creativity, ambitions and your goals. Download it here.

5. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

From Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic, Magic Lessons is a masterclass in the creative process. Elizabeth Gilbert involves interviews with experts and creatives about the challenges they have faced and the solutions that they have found. Her advices can be powerful for anyone looking for more creativity or confidence at work or life in general. Download it here.

6. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Listen to Oprah’s selected interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. Oprah Winfrey’s guests on this interview-based podcast are Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra, RuPaul etc. These podcasts will light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self. Download it here.

7. The Overwhelmed Brain

The Overwhelmed Brain podcasts will help you achieve less stress and more happiness. Touted as a podcast to help you bridge the gap “between emotions and reason” so you can discover why you do the things you do, these podcasts will help you to honor yourself so that you can make decisions that are right for you. Very inspirational! Download it here.

8. The Daily Boost

My daily dose of motivation when I need a bit of a lift. These podcasts are designed to help you master life skills and reduce stress, The Daily Boost provides an easily digestible podcast from Monday to Friday to help get you through your working week! The 9-minute Daily Boost podcasts will help you clarify your purpose, breakthrough obstacles, and stay motivated. Download it here.

9. Vanessa Wants to Know

Vanessa Hong, a successful blogger/influencer started her podcast channel “Vanessa Want to Know” in July 2019. As as soon as I heard about it, I immediately download it and loved it. She features inspiring creative personalities for in-depth interviews and their success stories. It is refreshing to hear open and honest conversations about life, career and achievements. Also her voice is so soothing to wind down whenever or wherever you listen to it. Download it here.

10. Fashion No Filter

The two awesome fashionistas Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley focus on interview interesting industry figures that give you behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates. “Today’s world is increasingly visual, with communication happening primarily via social media, where the shared content (photos, videos, memes) is both immediate and fleeting. We wanted to go back to a method that’s more focused on producing solid content. A podcast has you really working your imagination as you disconnect from the world around you. It’s a fun, modern medium and lets us properly explore a topic in depth.” says Monica Ainley and Camille Charrière on interview. Download it here.

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August 28, 2019

In the beginning of the 2016 I was almost experiencing a burnout, which made me very unhappy from the inside. I used to attend every event, meeting people everyday, working non-stop, traveling a lot, going to the fashion weeks etc. I became literally like a robot, and everything became very static. I came to realize that nothing can make me happy, if I don’t fix my inside first. Slowly, I learned to say ‘NO’ and instead of events or meetings, I started to take care of myself and do more grounded things. As I no longer have FOMO “Fear Of Missing Out”, I am much happier and content with the person I am today. Therefore I want to share few tips, how you can also practice the art of JOMO:

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August 23, 2019

Perhaps the cutest and most instagrammable island, the Venetian lagoon Burano was first established by the Romans, famous for Burano lace and bold colored homes. Burano is 7 km (4 miles) from Venice, a 40-minute trip from Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) by a Venetian water bus/vaporetto.

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August 13, 2019

This is probably the most vulnerable and personal article I am sharing with you today. Have you ever heard about anxiety and do you know how it feels? It happens suddenly, and you feel a period of excessive worry. You start worrying about everything, even about the things you have to do. You worry about your responsibilities at work, and all the obligations you have in your personal life. Then the constant aching feeling that you are not doing enough disturbs you, and so the blockage of letting go of the fear becomes very difficult.

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August 10, 2019

As much as I love to talk about fashion and cosmetic industry, there is nothing more I care about than our planet we live in. We need to protect the ocean that gives us the oxygen to breathe, that regulates the climate and brings us clean water to drink. There is ONLY one ocean that covers our planet we live in.

A 2014 study estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic trash enter the sea from land every year. 90% of the plastic is not recycled and this creates a major problem. Why? Because plastics are synthetic chemicals that should not exist in our planet. Most plastics are not biodegradable (meaning the bacteria cannot break them down into harmless components the way it happens to the paper or wood). The worse happens when plastic ages; the sun’s light and heat break the plastic into smaller and smaller pieces. This tiny plastic confetti, along with larger pieces of floating plastic, creates a dangerous problem to our health and our planet .

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June 24, 2019

Have you ever heard about hyperhidrosis? Today I want to explain my story. Excessive underarm sweating always affected my life, until I decided to microwave my underarms two years ago. I grew up in South East Europe, more precisely in Kosovo, where temperatures would reach 45 degrees from June to September. I always felt embarrassed to wear something colorful that showed the wet marks under my arms. Sometimes even in the coldest days of winter in Vienna, I’d have wet marks under my arms due to stress or being nervous.

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