November 25, 2021

Astrology transits for December 2021 – a solar eclipse and more.

2021 almost comes to an end. We are heading towards the last month of the year and most people will start thinking about new year’s resolutions. December mostly is a packed month with a lot of gatherings, fun and laughter. Nevertheless, the skies reflect the situations in our life and this article gives a general insight for what December may bring for your ascendant (rising sign). If you don’t know what your rising sign is, see here:

** Check the transits also from your moon sign and sun sign.

Transits December 2021:

4th of December: Solar eclipse in Scorpio

A notable event is the solar eclipse in Scorpio at 19 degrees. This is a new cycle of lunar-solar eclipses in the Scorpio-Taurus axis and the last one will be October 28, 2023. Scorpio is the area of deep waters and transformations. Whichever house the Scorpio-taurus axis falls in your chart is the area you’ll witness a transformation regarding those houses. Generally a solar or lunar eclipse brings to light what is hidden or sheds light on a situation. This cycle will create endings and new beginnings. To note: if you don’t have planets on the house cups or within 3 degrees of where the eclipse happens and the eclipse is not visible in your area this eclipse is not going to affect you. Many astrologers will tell you otherwise though. What the exact outcome is for each sign depends on the entire chart and the planets that are affected.

5th of December: Mars enters Scorpio

Mars will enter Scorpio on 5th of December and around 12th December it will cross the south node Ketu which is already in Scorpio. The moment Mars crosses Ketu all the planets will be hemmed between Rahu-Ketu. This can make us be more in the spiritual realm and have less material desires.

8th December: Venus enters Capricorn

Venus enters Capricorn. The sign of Saturn and Capricorn is known as a sign of hard work, practicality and justice. What does this mean for Venus? Generally Venus in Capricorn is more focused on a practical outlook. This transit of Venus will deal in a practical manner with relationships, emotions and even finances.

19th December: full moon in Gemini

A full moon will happen in Gemini. And while this will happen, the ruler of the sign Gemini which is Mercury will be opposite in Sagittarius. The full moon will happen in the lunar constellation of Ardra which is related to tears. It is important to keep a check on your communication and emotions during this full moon.

19th December: Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

When Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn you may question your relationships (especially love), values related to money and possessions. During this retrograde period you can think and subsequently act on finding a balance between responsibility and pleasure.

30th December: Venus goes Retrograde in Sagittarius

When Venus goes retrograde in Sagittarius it will fight for justice because 3rd from it is Jupiter. On a global level this means, we may see many people fighting for justice, protesting for their ideals and beliefs. On a personal level, you may question your beliefs and will revisit them and think about the next course you can take on.



Mars, the ruler of the ascendant, will be in the 8th house with Ketu in December. What is important is that Venus will go into Capricorn, the 10th house – the house of work and career where Saturn the planet of work and responsibility is sitting. This means that with the end of the year, Aries can have a typically busy end of the year but need to take care of health and slow down a bit. There can be the aim to travel more, to undertake new partnerships but also to solve some issues which have been lingering on for a long time in terms of relationships. This is the time to address them. In terms of the solar eclipse: it will happen in your 8th house. If you have any planets within 6 degrees of 19 degrees Scorpio this eclipse might affect you and focus on addressing your inner world, health and transformation.


For a Taurus ascendant his transit is important because Venus is the 1st house ruler for a Taurus ascendant. And, as we have discussed in the introduction article of sidereal astrology, the 1st house and the ruler of the 1st house represents you. Venus rules thus, the 1st house and the sign of Libra which falls in the 6th house and transits in the 8th house. Taurus may find it difficult to balance their work and ultimately relax. From a relationship perspective this means that you need to have a check on your speech. For Taurus the solar eclipse of 4th December will happen in the 7th house so a focus theme is relationships, partnerships and business. 


For Gemini this transit happens in the 7th house and it’s the ruler of the 5th house and 12th house. This can mean that an ex or an old lover may come into your life again. At the same time, in the month of December you can have some big expenditures which you will mostly be spending on others. An advice is: keep a check on your expenses. For Gemini the solar eclipse happens in the 6th house. A theme that could occur is the focus on work, routine and health.


For cancer ascendant this is a time to spend more time with the home front and friends. Its especially a time where you want to be at home with your parents and siblings. You may be a backbone for your family and friends during this month. Make the most out of this month which is going to be beautiful. For Cancer ascendants the solar eclipse happens in the 5th house. If you have children they could be the need of focus but also romantic relationships and your creative mind.


For Leos this can be a month where they can have new business prospects, fertile ideas on which they will act. It can also be a month where they may make a wrong decision regarding a relationship. For Leo’s it’s important to listen to their gut feeling. For Leo the solar eclipse happens in the 4th house. The focus here, during this solar eclipse is on your happiness, your mind and home. You may make some decisions in order to make yourself better on that front.


For Virgos this can be a good time to have female empowerment and time to have far away travels. There can be some confusion but during this month you will work on enhancing  your skills and finances. You need to be careful of what people will say and avoid any miscommunication. For Virgo ascendants the solar eclipse happens in the 3rd house which is the house of (online)communication, siblings and short distance travel. If you have a business related to communication or online work, this is the time you will be focusing on making changes regarding your work.


For Libra ascendant this is also an important transit because the ascendant ruler will be transiting in the 3rd house. This may be a good time to take up on any online dating if you are not in a relationship. Also, you will revisit your communication. You will think about how you communicate. During this time you will be mainly focused on relationships. It may also mean that you can relive a relationship and someone from your past can come back. The solar eclipse will happen in the second house. The focus here will be on investment and savings, but also on family structure and your roots.


For Scorpio ascendant this may be a time where you are not able to fully convey your messages. It’s a good time to keep a check on money and your food habits. Because Rahu is already in the 7th house of partnerships and Venus is transiting 8th from the 7th. You need to think thrice before making any major decision. The solar eclipse will happen in your first house. It may be a cycle where you will mainly focus on yourself, change your attitude and outlook towards life but also towards relationships.


During this time you can have a big ego. You feel very lazy and unmotivated regarding work and life. For you, this may be the time to reflect and recharge for 2022. If you have a partner he or she might help you phrase your goals and future plans. Be more mindful of your environment and be receptive towards them. The solar eclipse will take place in your 12th house. This house focuses on sleep, isolation, meditation etc. It may be a time where you focus on taking more rest but it can also be a time where you focus more on far away travels or planning to move far away from where you are residing now.


During this time it’s a good time to have additional gains. You may be enjoying a good time with friends and in romance you can be away from your partner for a while (if you have one). Take it slow because you have worked very hard for the past 2 years. Allow yourself some time and pleasure to spend on materialistic items. Now it’s time to unwind and relax. Regarding the solar eclipse which takes place in your 11th house. It may now be the time to focus more on your social environment – friends.


Aquarius may plant new ideas and will think of adjustment to the current job. Romance seems to take place behind the scenes. Whatever it is, if you are in a relationship this is a good time to spend time together. Change may not be easy all the time – you like stability – and the changes that may take place regarding work may not be what you wished for because the solar eclipse will happen in your 10th house of career and status. This is a good time to spend time with friends because they will be your support system.


This is the time you have to revisit certain themes and people in December. It is a fresh start, you need to go past this first before you can go further. The things you have ignored during May or June 2021 need your attention again. The solar eclipse will happen in your 9th house – the house of religion, beliefs and travels. This is a cycle where you will be focused on your ideals and beliefs but may also wish to travel a lot.

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