October 8, 2022

Exactly one month ago, I have been in Venice for the 150th anniversary of Shiseido, and walked for the first time on the Venice Film Festival red-carpet for the “Blonde” by Andrew Dominik.

Netflix has finally released its controversial Marilyn Monroe drama “Blonde”, but before I review the movie, I want to share my unforgettable red-carpet experience.

Photo by Ines d’Anselme

On Thursday, September 8— I set the alarm for 9:00 A.M., to wake-up fresh and well rested. It was a big day, and I already started to be nervous.

What if my dress doesn’t fit? What if I don’t like my hair, and the make-up? Uh, the anxiety was real.

I opened the windows to breath the fresh air, looked over the beautiful view and the boats sailing through the lagoon. “Oh, it’s not raining?” I said, “I believe it’s going to be a great day”.

I showered, did my morning skincare routine and had a large glass of still water. After a few minutes, I couldn’t be patient, so I tried my dress on. Yes, it looked perfect.

Well, I was already more relieved. Then I put myself together and went to the Presidential Suite of the hotel, where Shiseido presented their newest products. I took some nice pictures and then went to have lunch together with Ursula Korte (Shiseido Communication and PR Manager) and Sylvia Buchacher (Fashion & Lifestyle Editor).

Photo by Ines d’Anselme

Around 3:00 PM, I was ready for the make-up artist and hair stylist to glam for the evening. The ladies left the room after approximately 40 min, and I started to dress up. I didn’t need any help with the zipper, nor wearing the shoes. So, I couldn’t be happier that everything went as planned.

Slowly, I went down to the meeting area where all Shiseido guests were told to come and take off to Lido. Everyone looked perfectly glamorous, and I could notice that most of us were nervous to walk on the red carpet.

Photo by Gabriele Basilico

Without a moment of hesitation we hailed a taxi and take away from our little island, headed to Lido. We sailed through the lagoon, taking in all of the sights and sounds, breathing in the scent of the sea as we were on our way to the Hotel Excelsior.

And nowhere in the world are taxis as glamorous as they are in Venice!

Slowly, the vaporetto was coming closer to the parking position in front of the Hotel Excelsior. Hundreds of people were gathered to watch the invited guests from above, and while they were stepping out of the boat.

I was thinking— “How am I going to do it with my heavy dress?”, “Will my dress get wet?”, “Will my heel get sucked between the wooden stage?”

The moment to step out of the vaporetto came. Instinctively, I gave my purse as well as my phone to dear Ursula Korte— so that I can hold someone’s hand to step out, without falling.

Huh, that was a moment— but I mastered it well! Expeditiously, in a very narrow stage filled with a lot of guests, dear Urusla could take some short videos of me. Then we walked to the Hotel Excelsior for a short cocktail get-together, as we were escorted to the Palazzo del Cinema, where the big moment took place.

Photo by Gabriele Basilico

We walked about 160m, and there it was— the famous red carpet filled with photographers from both sides and a huge screen in the front.

One by one, we were told to walk in and to look at the cameras and to walk towards the terrace for a cocktail.

After walking on the red carpet, a huge stress was off my shoulders and I felt very relaxed that everything went perfectly well. So I said, OK, let’s have a a drink and celebrate this moment!

While we were having a glass of champagne, we were watching other guests arriving on the red carpet. There she was, Ana de Armas. The STAR of the night. She wore a gorgeous silk gown in pink, a beautiful statement diamond necklace and bracelet. After few minutes, people screaming again—- a surprise for us all, Brad Pitt arrived.

These were one of the moments I realized, my life is a movie as well. Moments I cannot put in words.

Long story short, the glamorous night ended with a beautiful dinner under the Moonlight at Palazzo Bauer.

Photo by Gabriele Basilico
Photo by Gabriele Basilico
Photo by Gabriele Basilico

A massive thank you goes to Shiseido for this unforgettable experience.

*This post is 100% not sponsored

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