Since decades Vienna is known for its tradition of formal occasions celebrated in a uniquely romantic flair. Nowhere are balls so romantically formal as in Vienna and this tradition continues since decades. Glamorous floor length dresses are a must for these kind of special events and if you love dancing to classical music, you must choose the right ball gown. Here I want to show you my favorite gowns from Schustermann & Borenstein 

Vienna has over 400 balls staged each winter, frequented visited by thousands of dance-enthusiasts from all around the world. The reason for the addiction to this formal dancing event amongst the Viennese can be found back in the 18th century, when the wearing of masks and costumes was reserved for the nobility, on private occasions.
It is that time of the year again, the season has started and we are getting ready for it. Choosing from hundreds of Viennese balls each season, scrambling for tickets, getting the dress codes right, taking private waltz lessons and finally breaking into a formal event guided by an opaque local etiquette.

Over the last ten years, I have experienced the best Vienna balls and local ball etiquette. In general it is a society dance event with live classical and contemporary music that requires elegant evening attire. For this season I chose three special looks from Schustermann & Borenstein for my three favorite Viennese Balls.

Vienna Philharmonic Ball

Once a year during “Fasching”, the Vienna Musikverein is transformed from a venerated concert auditorium into an elegant dance hall and provides a stunning backdrop for the Vienna Philharmonic Ball, an event which has been a highlight of this festive season in Vienna for several decades and absolutely one of the most beautiful and sophisticated ball in Vienna. For the 76th Vienna Philharmonic Ball, I choose this wonderful gown with one shoulder. This formal floral print floor length dress, was a love at first sight. The first dress I choose and it fitted like a glove!

The Ball of Industry and Technology (TC-BALL)

The origin of today’s Ball of Industry and Technology goes back to the activities of the “Techniker Kränzchen” committee, which goes back over 170 years and was first documented in 1842. Twenty years later, the event was given its current name of “Ball of Industry and Technology”. Johann Strauss, the father composed the “Technicians’ Ball Dances” and the “The Adepts” waltz. After the Vienna Philharmonic Ball, the TC-Ball is one of my favorite and real elegant and its festive ball, as well it is one of the social highlights of Vienna’s ball season. Therefore I choose this classical and elegant floor length dress from Schustermann & Borenstein

Ball of the Viennese Coffee House Owners

The Viennese Coffeehouse owners celebrate their 60th anniversary this year – un mélangede tradition et de l’innovation. This ball is simply one of the most reputable balls in Vienna and it takes places at Hofburg (Imperial Palace)  also, the raffles traditionally boast a few dozen eye popping cake creations, each stunningly decorated and donated by a traditional coffeehouse. For this ball I choose this stunning black sequin embroidered floor length gown!


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