July 11, 2017

Ten years ago, we were just starting to hear buzz about different beauty treatments, even lasers seemed totally sci-fi. And you probably didn’t think you’d soon be using clear plastic strips to bleach your teeth at home, right? We have also heard a lot about body contouring, but have you ever heard about fat freezingFat reduction is here to stay (or take off), is the number one cosmetic procedure for the body and is the perceived solution for the over-indulgence that the equally-growing fast food market has contributed in as much time. No risk, no surgery, no downtime and no stitches. So these machines also do the work of melting before removing by making fat removal much more gentle with less pain and bruising. It. Really. Works!

It not only removes fat, but it contours in all the right places. As woman we know that regardless of how much we go the gym or make the right food choices, we still have those specific areas that we don’t feel great about. Don’t get me wrong, healthy daily life choices like the gym and diet – are very important. But I’m not above realizing when I need to supplement my healthy lifestyle with additional help to get the results that I want.

So what is CoolSculpting?
• The latest CoolSculpting® innovation from ZELTIQ® Aesthetics delivers the company’s popular procedure at a lower temperature, reducing treatment time by nearly half and delivering even better patient outcomes.

• The CoolSculpting procedure is a non-surgical, clinically-proven procedure that selectively reduces unwanted fat using a patented cooling technology called cryolipolysis®.

• By changing the shape of the applicator cup and lowering the temperature, the new CoolAdvantage™ family of applicators delivers safe and efficacious results in just 35 minutes as well as increasing patient comfort.

• In a clinical study that compared the CoolAdvantage enhancements to one of the existing CoolSculpting applicators, CoolCore™, patients reported a 45 percent increase in comfort during the treatment, which is already considered very tolerable.

• The new applicator cup design also provides a larger cooling area so more tissue is treated, providing further treatment options for both doctors and patients.

• CoolAdvantage will initially be available for use on the following areas:
– CoolFit Advantage™ is ideal for vertical areas of fat such as the inner thigh
– CoolCore Advantage™ best matches the contours of the abdomen
– CoolCurve+ Advantage™ is the applicator of choice for flank

• Every patient and clinic is unique, so patients are encouraged to talk to their CoolSculpting provider about a customized treatment plan as part of the initial consultation and to enquire about the availability of the 35-minute treatment.

Dr. Stefan Horwath und Dr. Martina Reichhartwas Omnimed were so amazing at breaking it down for me and making me feel so comfortable. It sounds too good to be true, but babes, I’m telling you it’s not! I’ve only had one treatment on my waist, and I’m already seeing amazing results.

Seeing Results from CoolSculpting:
The results from CoolSculpting gradually happen over time. In fact, it may be up to 3 months before the full benefits are seen. Because of this, it is something that you don’t notice everyday, but you notice after not thinking about it for awhile. CoolSculpting works, but also if you’re really strict with your diet and exercise regimen.


*In collaboration with Omnimed

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