July 20, 2017

Sweating is the body’s way of regulating heat, cooling us down, and expunging toxins—but for millions of people, sweating is more than something that happens when it’s warm outside or after SoulCycle, thanks to a chronic condition called hyperhidrosis. Well, everyone who works in fashion knows it well – the rings of moisture have taken hold of new silk blouses or embroidered cotton-linen dresses. Oh, we won’t talk about the suede dresses. Unthinkable!

To solve this problem there is only one non-surgical, permanent method against underam sweating that at the same time, offers a solution for hyperhidrosis – in contrast to the usual treatments to date and it’s called miraDry®. This is a great solution for those with ordinary or severe sweating. The usual risks of surgery and recovery time do not apply, and the patient experiences a permanent result nevertheless, says Dr. Ueberreiter, Park Klinik Birkenwerder.
During the one-hour treatment, the sweat glands are destroyed with precisely controlled electromagnetic energy (microwaves). Before the treatment, the appropriate axillary area is marked and is numbed with a local anesthetic. After that, the handpiece is guided over the marked area according to an exactly specified procedure, section by section. In this, the skin is suctioned and the energy is delivered. The generated heat of about 60C is directed by a hydroceramic cooling system directly to that skin layer in which the sweat glands are located. After a few seconds, thermolysis of the cells is starting, and the sweat glands are dying off. Once sweat glands have been destroyed, they do not regenerate anymore and thus, the result is permanent.

Positive side effects of the treatment: the scent glands are destroyed as well. Thus, the unpleasant underarm odor disappears as well. The treatment is very safe. Possible minimal side effects are temporary reddening, blue spots or sensitivity to pressure – all this passes after a short period of time on its own.
The miraDry® procedure (FDA* certified) is non-invasive, provides immediate results (82% immediate sweat reduction!) and does not require any recovery time. Within the scope of the treatment the sweat glands are destroyed with microwave energy and are gently but permanently destroyed by the generated heat. At the same time, the underarm odor disappears. Worldwide, more than 55,000 treatments have been successfully performed already.

Common questions many people ask, is if it’s painful? Most patients feel little pain or no pain at all, since the skin area to be treated was locally anesthetized before.  The cost per treatment is approximately Euro 1,250.00. Those who are bothered with underarm sweat, tired of underarm stains in clothes, seeking a natural toxin-free lifestyle and wanting to be permanently clean and dry, I would suggest Park Klinik Birkenwerder in Berlin or Worseg Clinics in Vienna to book a miraDry® treatment.

Feeling confident that your favorite suede dress won’t show wet marks.

Feeling carefree enough to head out after work and knowing you won’t look like you’ve had the toughest day of the week, is the best feeling.

Feeling clean and dry even when working out…

First outfit: capri suede dress by Sally Blue
Second outfit: H&M sports

Photos: Dafina Gashi

*In a collaboration with Park Klinik Birkenwerder

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