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November 11, 2015

The Esprit autumn/winter 2015 campaign,  is all about the “Perfection & Imperfection” topic. The main focus is the individual personality!

Esprit invited me including forty national and international bloggers, stylists and journalist to the Bauakademie in Berlin on October 29th, for an exclusive international #ImPerfect Esprit Panel Discussion inspired by the Esprit fall/winter 2015 campaign.

Key speakers from the fashion industry including Dr. Mahret Kupka (freelance lecturer and curator for fashion, bodies and performance), Hadley Hudson (fashion photographer), Melissa Drier (journalist), Laura Laine (fashion illustrator), Antje Winter (fashion stylist) and Katie Sturino (founder of the blog ‘The 12is Style’) raised questions around the idea of perfection and imperfection, ultimately celebration the idea of individualism. Post panel discussion, guests were invited to discover the new Esprit fall/winter 2015 collection.

Different perspectives of the contemporary idea of perfection in fashion and beauty were discussed actively between the invited speakers and the blogger.

“For the past few years, I have been working on a documentary photo about models at home. I have photographed over 100 different models in their living space. Many of the models I photographed opened up about their own insecurities about their looks. I was shocked to discover that a lot of them were far from happy with their looks and bodies, even though they met the “industry standard” of beauty, body type, etc.” said Hadley Hudson (fashion photographer).

Even very attractive people may not be looking in the mirror out of ‘vanity’, but out of insecurity. We forget that there are disadvantages to being attractive: attractive people are under much greater pressure to maintain their appearance. Social Media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter according to an article on “The Effect of Social Media in Young Girls,” these sites may cause young girls to feel insecure by images of other women, and it also can cause insecurities among themselves.
Studies show that teenagers start feeling insecure at a very young age. When girls see women on the internet who are thin and beautiful, it creates a “perfect image” in their head, causing them to either become depressed of their own appearance, or causing them to resort to self harm to become thin. Body image can create false fantasies for young girls, such as making them want to look a certain way even though everyone has their own body type.

Even though a teenage girl could end up being as thin as other models or celebrities, she will tend to not feel satisfied with herself because each person is unique. People start to wonder, why do girls get affected by media so easily? It’s because young girls are still developing mentally, and when they see and hear these things, it gives them ideas and conclusions to thinking they should act that way, and that it’s right to treat other people in a disrespectful manner.

Social media, and televised media can have a huge effect on teenage girls, creating consequences in their actions. It affects girls all together as a whole person involving, the way they dress, their body image, and their personality.

“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re NOT broken! You are perfectly #ImPerfect and powerful beyond measure.” – Steve Maraboli


During the panel discussion


Esprit presents the new fall/winter 2015 collection with wonderful new pieces.

Esprit men’s fall/winter 2015 collection


Thanks to Qazim Gashi who took this wonderful shots at Berliner Dom, Nationalgalerie and Neues Museum in Berlin



Outfit photos by Qazim Gashi ; Event photos by häberlein & mauerer




September 23, 2014

Vienna’s newest fashion hotspot – RUNWAY opens today in the heart of Vienna (Goldschmiedgasse 10). In addition to huge retail space, RUNWAY is also an art platform!


RUNAWAY Vienna – the only exclusive address where you can find more than just the best local designers, opens its doors today for fashion interested people who are looking for certain fashion pieces and unique couture clothes. “Those who are listed with us, have an excellent workmanship, a good sense of silhouettes, trends and fabrics and leaves a feeling of ‘I want’. It’s because we stand out clearly from the mishmash shopping centers and other retailers” says the owner Alexis Fernandez Gonzalez. Hundred selected guests were invited  to the store opening, and were greeted with champagne as well as delicious food from Vienna’s one of the best Thai restaurant  “Patara“.

Right on St. Peter’s Square (entrance on Goldschmiedgasse 10) Gonzalez designed a 300-square-foot store on two levels. Large, bright rooms, and by a fabulous view to St. Peter’s Church, offers its visitors a new perspective to  Viennese backdrop.

These are the labels which are currently represented at RUNWAY:

enVie heartwork
Ferrari Zöchling
Anja Lauermann
Simon Barth
amorous rapture
Natalie Rox
Julia Cranz
Lothar Daniel Bechthold
Zoe by Inge Cecka


Me, Vanessa, Maria & Sonja

Alexis Fernandez Gonzalez, founder and the owner of the RUNWAY VIENNA


A huge selection of great designer clothes.


Goldschmiedgasse 10
1010 Vienna

Photos (c) PR