Disi Couture…

is a Blogazine, that covers fashion, style, beauty, art, interior design and lifestyle topics. Founded by Edisa Shahini in September 2010, with this blog she will continue to encourage and inspire readers all over the world.  On 01. March 2016 Disi Couture has been awarded as Best Austrian Blog 2016 in the fashion category.

Behind DisiCouture…

stands Edisa, known by the name “Disi” and for her impeccable style, tireless devotion to fashion and art. Born in Prizren (Kosova), Edisa left home when she was 18 – to study at the University of Vienna, now she is lucky enough to call Vienna home since 2003. She is a marketing native, social media nerd, fashion and interior stylist, plus the founder of – DisiCouture. She is passionate about turning the runway into the realway and helping others to achieve their most fabulous, kick-butt self in the process. Her love for fashion and eye for stylish living has been evident since she first stole her mother’s heels at age 3.

Edisa is interested on fine clothing, design furniture, art jewelry, vintage art works, contemporary and modern art etc. Others may mistake this as pure materialism, but it is an expression of her sensuous nature, through which adornment and refined environments create an extension of her own inner grace.